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Weak erection is caused due to inadequate supply of blood to the erectile tissues of the penis. Due to insufficient supply of blood to the penis, it fails to get full erection. The spongy tissue of the penis may be defective and is unable to hold the full amount of blood in the organ which also leads to weak erection. Weak erection causes an embarrassing situation for a man as due to weak erection, he cannot satisfy his partner. Weak erection does not provide sufficient stimulation to the partner which may cause differences between couple. Weak erection may be a normal phenomenon with advancing age as in old age muscles become weak and blood supply also decreases due to many other physiological reasons. But weak erection in young age can be a problem. Weak erection can also cause premature ejaculation and other sexual problems.

There are many causes for weak erections. Some of the important causes of weak erections are obesity, excessive intake of alcohol, and smoking, high fat diet. All these reduce the supply of blood to the penis. Injury to the penis is also an important cause for reducing blood supply to the tissue. Excessive intake of medicines for depression, stress and anxiety also leads to weak erections.

Weakness of erection can be notices by a man during sexual intercourse. When a man fails to get a hard and firm erection after repeated attempts, he may assume that he is suffering from weak erection. It is not only getting firm erection, but if a man fails to hold the erection for a longer time; it can also be termed as a weak erection. Another important sign of weak erection is that when a man fails to get stimulation during sexual act. Early ejaculation of the semen also occurs due to weak erection.

Weak erection is not a big problem and it can be corrected by using natural herbs. Other medications are also available over the counter which may produce other side effects. Natural herbs such as shilajit, Safed musli, shilvaprang are well known for increasing blood flow to the penis. These natural herbs also provide nourishment to the penile tissue thus increasing the strength. These herbs increase the blood flow to the penis thus giving hard and full erections. These herbs are traditionally used since ancient times to increase sexual activity in men.

Another way of correcting weak erection is to minimize the intake of fatty diet, cut down smoking and alcohol intake, reducing intake of depressive and other habit forming drugs. Regular exercise also helps in increasing sexual activity and provides strength to all the muscles of the body. Intake of fruits and green leafy vegetables provide nourishment to the different organs and increases blood supply all the organs. Increased drinking of water also helps in maintaining good sexual health.

Weak erection is not a disease; it is simply a condition that can be treated by natural methods. By changing life style and including healthy habits in life, a man can get rid of weak erections.
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