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Vigomax Forte (Erectile Dysfunction Treatment)

Vigomax forte is a unique preparation of natural herbs suitable for men suffering from erectile dysfunction. The natural herbs used in the preparation of this product are absolutely safe to treat erection problems and do not produce any unwanted effects on any part of the body.

Vigomax forte is prepared by using time tested comprehensive ayurvedic herbs that are known to produce beneficial effect for all sexual dysfunction in men. Erectile dysfunction means when a man fails to get strong erections while performing sexual act. Due to weak erections he may get premature ejaculation and remains unable to satisfy his partner and should have to depend over erectile dysfunction herbal supplement.

Erectile dysfunction may result due to insufficient supply of essential nutrients to the male reproductive organs. Vigomax forte is a combination of natural herbs that provide sufficient nutrition to all male organs and help to prevent erectile dysfunction.


  • 1 Strip = 20 Tablets
  • 1 Pack = 3 Strips = 60 Tablets
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Health Benefits of Vigomax forte

Vigomax forte has proved to be an effective and beneficial natural Ayurvedic remedy for improving reproductive health in men. It is one of the important natural products that help in providing natural supplements to the male reproductive organs for their optimum functioning.

Improper diet may lead to many problems such as weakness, lethargy, depression, lack of strength in bones and muscles. Vigomax forte not only helps to support proper functioning of reproductive organs in men but it also helps to improve overall health of men suffering from other problems as well.

Vigomax forte may be proved to be a boon for men who require extra energy such as in athletes as it provides nourishment to the body cells and boosts up the energy level. Vigomax forte is recommended to treat all sexual erections problems in men such as premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunctions, low sexual drive, libido, loss of strength and energy etc.

Vigomax forte is a natural herbal product and provides natural nourishment to body cells to increase energy in the cells for proper functioning of all body organs.
Indications for Vigomax Forte
Vigomax forte is indicated for men suffering from sexual dysfunctions as a result of one cause or the other. Vigomax forte is an excellent herbal supplement for erectile dysfunction recommended for people who suffer from impotency due to production of poor quality sperms. Vigomax forte provides nourishment to male reproductive organs and help in producing healthy sperms.

It also helps in increasing the number of good quality sperms for effective conception. Due to production of healthy sperms it makes the semen thick and helps in effective absorption of semen in female reproductive organs resulting in conception. Thus, vigomax forte is proved to be a boon for couple who remain childless even after many years of marriage.

Vigomax forte may be regularly taken to produce desired results as it is natural and does not produce any harmful effects even if taken for a longer period of time. Vigomax forte is a natural tonic for men suffering from sexual dysfunctions due to improper nutrition to the reproductive cells.
Sexual Problems In Men

Men may suffer from different types of sexual problems. Sexual dysfunction refers to a group of disorders that may occur during any phase of sexual response and prevents an individual from achieving satisfaction. It is a common problem and men do not want to discuss this problem. They are hesitant to talk about the difficulty that they experience at the time of sexual activity. There are different causes that may lead to sexual dysfunction in men. The most common sexual problem that affects men is erectile dysfunction. In this problem, men fail to achieve full and hard erection at the time of sexual activity.

Causes of Sexual Problems in Men

Sexual problems may result from physical or psychological causes. Some important causes of sexual problems in men are:

Physical causes: There are many physical problems that may further cause sexual problems in men. Diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems, neurological disorders, hormonal imbalances, kidney diseases, liver problems, drug abuse, etc. can lead to sexual problems in men.

Psychological Problems: Stress and anxiety are the two main psychological causes that may lead to sexual problems in men. Some men suffer from relationship problems, depression, fatigue and fear that may produce sexual problems.

Herbal Supplements for Erectile Dysfunction

Vigomax Forte is an excellent herbal supplement for erectile dysfunction. It is one of the best herbal supplements for erectile dysfunction. It is a combination of natural ED remedies that quickly provides relief from sexual problems. There are many other natural ED remedies that may help in natural cures for ED. One should take natural and herbal remedies for the treatment of sexual problems as natural and herbal remedies are safe and do not produce any adverse effects on the body. Herbal supplements such as Vigomax Forte can be taken regularly to get rid of sexual problems in men.

Tips to Prevent Sexual Problems in Men

Sexual problems can be avoided by taking some precautions. One can also prevent sexual problems by making changes in lifestyle and diet. Some useful tips for preventing sexual problems in men are:
  • Excessive intake of prescription medicines should be avoided. One should seek advice from the physician before taking any remedies for a longer period of time.
  • Healthy food is very important for maintaining good health. One should eat a balanced diet to fulfil the desired need of the nutrients.
  • Exercise is the most important part of healthy living. Men who live a sedentary life should do some exercise to live a healthy life. Exercise helps in increasing the proper blood supply to all the parts of the body.
  • Excessive intake of alcohol and cigarette smoking should be avoided immediately to gain back normal strength and energy. Caffeinated products should also be avoided because caffeine leads to hormonal imbalance.
  • Meditation and other stress relieving techniques should be adopted. One should be happy while communicating with the partner.
  • One should discuss the problem with the partner as well as should take advice from the physician to get the best treatment.

Dosage of Vigomax forte

1 or 2 tablets should be taken twice a daily after meals.

Shilajit Gold + Vigomax Forte
1 Shilajit Gold + 1 Vigomax Forte

2 Shilajit Gold + 2 Vigomax Forte

3 Shilajit Gold + 3 Vigomax Forte

4 Shilajit Gold + 4 Vigomax Forte

Shilajit Gold + Vigomax Forte + Orgy Oil
1 Shilajit Gold + 1 Vigomax Forte + 2 Orgy Oil

2 Shilajit Gold + 2 Vigomax Forte + 3 Orgy Oil

3 Shilajit Gold + 3 Vigomax Forte + 5 Orgy Oil

4 Shilajit Gold + 4 Vigomax Forte + 6 Orgy Oil

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