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Penis curve is not a normal condition if it causes pain and difficulty in performing the sexual act. Usually slight curve in the penis does not cause any problem but if curve is more it may cause problem. Some degree of curvature is present in fifty percent of men. Erect penis shows an abnormal angulation which makes sexual intercourse difficult. Curvature of penis occurs due to weakness of muscles which does not require any medication.

Causes of Penis curve
One of the important causes of penis abnormal curvature is tight clothing. When men who wear tight undergarments get erections, their penis does not grow normally. They try to hide the erection and bend it to sideways to avoid the embarrassing situation. This affects the development as blood flows to one side.

Another important cause of penis curve is peyronie's disease. It is characterized by the formation of a hard plaque of fibrous scar tissue under the skin of the penis. Due to formation of this hard tissue, penis fails to get complete erection and it tends to bend.

Peyronies disease may be caused due to in adequate development of corpora cavernosa, any injury due to vigorous sexual act.

Penis curve does not require any medication but it can be corrected by doing some stretching exercises. It is very simple. Hold the penis in hand when flaccid and try to pull. Stretch the penis to the maximum comfortable limit. If penis curve does not produce any pain while doing sexual act, there is no problem. A slight curve does not mean that you are suffering from Peyronies disease. Slight curve goes away on its own with time. Some physicians recommend surgery to straighten out the curve but it may cause many other problems. Many men do not worry and do not pay attention to slight curve until it causes pain during sexual intercourse. But if it progresses to such a degree that you feel difficulty in sexual intercourse, you must see a physician for solution.

You can treat penis curve naturally by doing stretching exercise regularly. Vitamin E also helps to treat penis curve. Cream containing Vitamin E can be applied locally for massage. Many herbs are also available which provide nourishment to the penis and helps in straightening of the curve. Herbs used to treat sexual disease in male increases the blood supply to the organ and helps in healing of the scar tissue.

Some of the important herbs recommended for increasing sexual activity in men are shilajit, Orgy oil, shilavaprang etc. These natural herbs provide nourishment to the penis. These are natural products and do not produce any side effects. Some doctors recommend surgery for penis curve or peyronies disease which is not good as it is complicated and can cause other sexual problems. Therefore, it is recommended to do straightening exercise or take natural herbs to straighten the curve. Orgy oil is made up of natural herbs that are found to be beneficial in increasing the penile strength. Regular massage with orgy oil helps in straightening the curve within a short period of time.
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