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Orgasm Difficulty

Orgasm difficulty is experienced by women due to physiological or psychological reasons. Orgasm may be defined as the stage when women reach at the height of sexual activity during sexual intercourse. Sex is an enjoyable act which should be done with free mind when both partners are happy and have complete emotional intimacy with each other. Women fail to reach the peak of sexual activity due to many reasons. Sexual dysfunction of any partner has a devastating effect on the relationship. Some of the important causes of orgasm difficulty are discussed below:
Physiological causes:

The most important physiological cause is inadequate stimulation of the female partner. It is very important to arouse a female to achieve maximum sexual stimulation.

  • An injury to any private part or surgery can also disrupt the normal sexual relationship. Injury during child birth causes disruption in normal sexual activity.
  • Nerve diseases are also an important cause of decreased sexual activity.
  • Diseases of sexual organs in women or men are also responsible for causing problems in normal sexual activity. Vaginal dryness in women is an important cause for orgasm difficulty.
  • Hormonal imbalance is also responsible for decreased sexual activity. Women suffer from hormonal imbalance after child birth or while nursing the child. During that period sexual activity decreases in women. Intake of certain harmful medicines also decreases sexual activity in men and women.

Psychological causes
  • Psychological problems play an important role in causing orgasm difficulty. Men or women who remain under stress and depression are worst sufferers. They fail to achieve orgasm even after excessive stimulation.
  • Relationship problems are another important cause for sexual dysfunctions. Strained relationship among men and women do not allow them to fully enjoy the sexual life.
  • Some women do not take interest in sex due to guilt associated with sex. Some women suffer from mental trauma associated with previous rape or other sexual abuse in life.

Orgasm difficulty is not a disease; it is a sexual problem which can be solved by taking simple steps if it is not associated with any physical disease. Men can help their partner to achieve orgasm by arousing sex while doing foreplay. It is important that sex should be done only when both partners are ready.

If there is any psychological problem, it is better that partners should talk with each other and discuss the problem to bring out the solution. Women or men who remain under stress or depression should do yoga and meditation that can help to keep their mind fresh.

Many harmful pills are available in the market that claims to increase sexual activity in men and women. But these harmful chemicals produce many side effects.

Natural products are also available that help to balance the hormones and provides nutrition to the sexual organs and help in normal sexual activity. Some of the important herbs that are traditionally used for increasing sexual activity in men and women are shilajit, shilvaprang, shatavari, etc. These natural herbs act on the sexual organs and help them to attain normal functioning.
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