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Neo tablets are a combination of useful Ayurvedic herbs that are found to be effective for different problems related to reproductive organs in men. Neo tablets are prepared by using time tested Ayurvedic herbs and are proved to be beneficial in all sexual problems of men who are looking for ideas how to improve sperm motility, night fall treatment and increase male fertility as well.

Neo tablets are prepared from unique Ayurvedic herbs that help in the treatment of sexual disorders in men. Men who suffer from low sperm count, low sexual drive, and decreased stamina, poor quality of sperms, increased masturbation, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction should start taking these semen volume enhancement pills for getting relief from the entire problems mentioned here.

Neo tablets prove to be good natural product for restoring reproductive health in men.

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Health Benefits of Neo Tablets

Neo tablets are absolutely safe and effective natural, herbal solution for men who suffer from low sperm count and looking for pills for semen volume enhancement. Many couples fail to give birth to a child due to abnormality in one of the partners.

In males, the main reason for sterility is poor quality sperms or low production of sperms. Testosterone is the main male hormone that helps to maintain sexual functions in men. Neo tablets are prepared by combining useful ayurvedic remedies for treating male sterility. The herbs used in Neo tablets naturally helps in improving the sperm motility.

It provides nourishment and rich blood supply to sexual organs thus producing good quality sperms that are also more in number. Neo tablets not only helps in producing good quality sperms but it also helps in balancing hormone levels in blood for optimum functioning of reproductive organs and thus increase male fertility.

Indications for Neo Tablets

Neo tablets are indicated for men who suffer from sterility due to low sperm count or looking for night fall treatment. Neo tablets are a combination of natural Ayurvedic herbs that are proved clinically for this function. Neo tablets are recommended for people who try for a long period of time but do not succeed in getting conception.

Neo tablets are also found to be an effective product for children who suffer from nocturnal enuresis. It is a natural remedy that helps to control bed wetting in children. This natural remedy works for adults in the daytime and for children at night.

Neo tablets are effective for getting rid of masturbation in young person. It is also an effective remedy for premature ejaculation, night falls, erectile dysfunction and any other sexual problem of men. Neo tablets are traditionally believed to be supporting reproductive organs in men and helps in their optimum functioning by balancing sexual hormones.

Neo tablets help to increase sexual drive in men who suffer from loss of interest in sexual life. Sexual life is a personal gesture that helps to create unmatchable bonding between partners. Thus, Neo tablets can bring happiness in the life of couples who remain childless for longer period of time by increasing number and quality of sperms.

Male Infertility

Infertility is a common problem in men and women. There are very few couples who achieve successful pregnancy after trying for a certain period of time. Male infertility accounts for half of the cases. Men do not want to seek advice from the doctors for their problems therefore; causes of male infertility are not cared for. There are number of disorders that may lead to male infertility. Hormonal disturbances, physical problems, psychological problems all contribute for male infertility. In some cases testicals fail to produce the desired amount of sperm that may lead to low sperm count. Men take various treatments to increase sperm count. Conventional remedies do not help to increase sex drive. Conventional remedies may also produce many side effects. One should try to take home remedies or alternative treatments to increase sex drive and to increase sperm count.

Causes of Male Infertility

There are many causes of male infertility. Some common causes of male infertility are discussed below:

  • Hormonal imbalance is the most important cause. Testosterone is the male hormones that is secreted by the testis and help to regulate the functioning of reproductive functions in men. When testis fail to produce testosterone in adequate quantity it can lead to infertility.
  • Prolonged use of habitual drugs such as marijuana, cocaine, etc. can also cause male infertility.
  • Excessive and prolong smoking of cigarettes also causes low sperm motility and low sperm count in men.
  • Excessive intake of alcohol can also cause infertility in men
  • Athletes who involve themselves in strenuous exercises for extended periods of time can also suffer from infertility and other sexual disorders.
  • Men who wear tight undergarments may suffer from infertility because it results in reduced production of healthy sperms.
  • Inadequate diet is also an important cause of low sperm count in men. Unhealthy diet also produces unhealthy sperms.
Tips to Increase Male Infertility

Lifestyle changes and dietary medications can also help in improving male infertility. One should make changes in the lifestyle to avoid health problems. Some useful and effective tips are given here to increase male infertility are:
  • One should eat a healthy diet to improve male infertility. Proper nutrition is required by all the body cells. Therefore, choose healthy foods to increase male fertility.
  • Do not wear tight undergarments. Wear soft and comfortable undergarments for proper development of sperms.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking as these are the two major factors for infertility in men.
  • Avoid caffeine because it lowers the sperm count and also reduces the quantity of healthy sperms in men.
  • Manage your stress effectively as it can lead to imbalance of the hormones and can cause reproductive health problems both in men and women.
  • Do not involve yourself in extensive exercise programs. Do regular exercise under the supervision of an expert.
  • Bananas are good food to boost up male infertility. Men suffering from low sperm count should eat lots of bananas to boost up energy and to increase sperm count.


Dosage of Neo Tablets

Adult: 1-2 Tablets three times daily for six to eight weeks. The tablet can be crushed and given with milk or honey.

Neo Tablet + Vigomax Forte
2 Neo Tablets + 1 Vigomax Forte

4 Neo Tablets + 2 Vigomax Forte

6 Neo Tablets + 3 Vigomax Forte

8 Neo Tablets + 4 Vigomax Forte

Neo Tablet + Orgy Oil
2 Neo Tablets + 2 Orgy Oil

3 Neo Tablets + 3 Orgy Oil

6 Neo Tablets + 6 Orgy Oil

12 Neo Tablets + 13 Orgy Oil

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