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Menstrual Disorders

Menstrual disorders are a common problem in females. It may start at any age. There are different types of menstrual disorders. Menstrual disorders occur as a result of imbalance of female reproductive hormones. These causes may be physiological or psychological. Normally, in a menstrual cycle bleeding occurs after every 28 days. Normal menstrual period lasts from 4-5 days with moderate bleeding. Some girls experience heavy bleeding with pain in legs and breasts. In some young girls when first menses appear, such problems appear and last for 2-3 years after which cycle becomes normal. But in some girls these problems continue during the whole reproductive period. Menstrual disorders are classified in three different categories depending upon different signs and symptoms. These are discussed below:

Amenorrhea is known as absence of bleeding or very little bleeding which is termed as oligo-ammenorrhea. Some girls who are anemic experience very little bleeding or no bleeding for 2-3 months. Amenorrhea may be primary or secondary. Primary amenorrhea occurs when a girl fails to achieve menarche up to the age of 16 years. It means there is no bleeding, though the girl has entered the reproductive age. Secondary amenorrhea refers to absence of menstruation due to hormonal imbalance. Secondary amenorrhea can also occur due to lack of nutrition, anemia etc. It is easy to treat secondary amenorrhea than primary amenorrhea.

Dysmenorrhea refers to excessive pain in the pelvic region, extremities and breasts during menstruation. There is extreme uneasiness during menstrual period. Headache, vomiting, nausea, irritability, depression are other important signs and symptoms associated with dysmenorrhea. It is a common type of menstrual disorder occurring in young girls. The main cause of dysmenorrhea is increased level of prostaglandins during menstrual cycle. It causes uterine contractions which are felt as pain the abdominal region.

Menorrhagia refers to excess bleeding during menstrual cycle. Bleeding may lasts up to 8-10 days as compare to normal 4-5 days. Heavy menstrual bleeding occurs due to hormonal imbalance or some uterine disease. Women who have menorrhagia experience great discomfort.

All the menstrual disorders discussed above can be treated naturally. Some of these menstrual disorders go away itself with advancing age. Some women take hormonal therapy for treating menstrual disorders which may be harmful. Artificial hormones can cause other physiological problems such as growth of beard and chin, heaviness of voice, infertility etc. Natural remedies are also available in the market which can help to balance the hormones. These natural remedies are safe and do not have any side effects. Some of the important natural remedies that are found to be effective for treating menstrual disorders in women are Shatavari, M-2 tone tablets, Femiforte tablets etc.

All these products are prepared from natural herbs which are traditionally used for balancing female hormones. These natural products not only help to balance the hormones but also help to improve over all female reproductive health. These natural products provide nutrition to the reproductive organs and restore their normal structure and function. Other than natural products yoga and meditation also help to improve reproductive health. It helps to keep away from stress and depression which may be an important cause for menstrual disorders in women.
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