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Itone Eye Drops

Itone Eye Drops is a combination of Ayurvedic herbs prepared for eye health. It is a natural combination of herbs that protect your eyes from dust, smoke and any other disease. Itone Eye Drops help to maintain good vision with treating dry eyes naturally. Regular use of Itone Eye Drop- pain relief eye drops helps to prevent eyes from diseases and recurrent infection.

It helps to maintain normal health of eyes and does not produce any side effects. It acts as an antiseptic and prevents eyes from irritation and redness. The chronic dry eye cure gives nourishment to the nerves and muscles of eyes and prevents them from any disease. Itone Eye Drops can be used during old age to prevent cataract, keep your eyes healthy with treating dry eyes naturally.

The herbs that are used in pain relief eye drops are traditionally believed to support normal functioning of eyes. Itone eye drops are prepared from natural herbs that are absolutely safe and give you good vision.
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Benefits of Itone Eye Drops

Itone eye drops are the best solution chronic dry eye cure. It is a natural remedy that may used every day to keep healthy vision. Itone eye drops are prepared from well known Ayurvedic herbs that are traditionally believed to be beneficial for all diseases of the eyes. Itone eye drops provide nutrition to the muscles of eyes and helps in proper functioning of eyes.

Itone eye drops clear away any dust or foreign particle from eyes and prevent infection. It readily gives relief from pain and irritation caused due to foreign body in the eyes. Itone eye drops can be used by people of all ages as it is absolutely natural and safe and do not produce any harmful effects on eyes.
Indications for Itone Eye Drops

Itone Eye Drops are safe and natural Ayurvedic drops that helps to maintain normal health of eyes and give you proper vision. It is an excellent remedy for allergies of eyes.

Itone eye drops are recommended for any kind of infection of eyes which may cause redness and watering of eyes. These natural eye drops provide lubrication to eyes and removes dryness of eyes. Itone eye drops give soothing effect to eyes and help to remove stress and strain from eyes in people who are linked with overuse of eyes.

People who work on computers for long hours or are concerned with reading and writing for long hours should regularly use Itone eye drops to keep their eyes healthy. It also helps in healing of any injury to eyes naturally without producing any side effects.

Itone eye drops can also be recommended for children with weak vision. It helps to improve vision in children without producing any unwanted effects. All the herbs are effective and have a healing action on eyes to give them good health.
Dry Eye Relief

Itone the eye drops that come with multiple benefits and most particularly the excellent solution to safeguard eye from various infections. These drops are the blend of the organic material and herbs which can kill germs that cause eye pain and other kinds of irritation in the eye. Regular use of these herbal drops will nourish the tissues of the eyes and improves vision. As these are prepared based on the Ayurvedic systems and by using the natural herbs it is extremely useful in maintaining perfect vision. Also taking the drops twice a day will not cause any side effects even for the person who uses lenses as this solution will clear the dirt from the eye.

Taking drops twice a day or using according to the doctor’s advice will support in improving the regular condition and in the functioning of the eyes. To maintain the eye perfectly using this Itone will be the best way and as it is an herbal product side effects are not even seen. The discomfort caused in the eyes when exposed to the smoke of other harmful particles will be erased by using this herbal eye drops Itone. These drops even offer a great and effective dry eye relief and see that the wetness in the eye is maintained properly.

  • Itone frees people from bearing the irritation of the eye and keeps in cool for a long period of time. This acts as an antiseptic and relieves the eyes from watering and minimizes the strain offering a clear eyesight.

  • This is a sterile solution that will cool the eye and protects it from the harsh particles which affects the healthy eyesight. The tiredness or burning sensation of the eyes, irritation and swelling of eye lids can be effectively reduced with regular use of the Itone drops and they will completely erase the problem of dryness in the eyes.

  • These drops made of natural herbs will be a perfect stress buster of an eye and can take proper care of its functioning. Itone is a unique combination of the natural ingredients mixed in a healthy atmosphere which makes using it a safe solution for infections as well as a chronic dry eye.

  • This will be the powerful medicine that can help in removing the maximum strain of the eyes and help in increasing the bright vision. People who work with computers for a long time will feel a huge pain of the eyes along with their eyelids. Such people can gain a lot of relief by using the drops of Itone at regular intervals.

Not only for getting relief of stress or strain, but the Itone eye drops will work effectively for the people who have allergic eyes. As Itone is a solution that is rich in antiseptic and anti allergic properties it is a simple task for it to combat with infection causing bacteria. Itone provides lasting relief from several eye problems and deals with irritated eyes offers a pleasant vision that is free of burning sensation.

Composition of Itone Eye Drops

Exts of Nimba 5%, Sobhanjana 5%, Bhringraja 5%, Punarnava 7.5%, Nirgundi 5%, Satapatri 7.5%, Yamani 2%, Hairtaki 5%, Vibhitaka 5%, Dhatriphala 5%, Haridra 5%, Karpuram 3%, Pudina 2 %, Saindhava Laban 2%, Madhu 10%, Ela 5%, Swet Chandan 5%, Mukta 1%, Rakta Chandan 5%, Hastisundi 5%, Tulsi Patra 5%.
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