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Leucorrhea is characterized by white discharge from the vagina. Normal flow of discharge is seen during ovulation. There is no need to worry when it is not causing any trouble as it is a normal phenomenon. But if there is any change in color, quantity or appearance, it should be definitely treated.
Causes of Leucorrhea

  • Excessive secretion of white discharge may result due to genital infections. Infection of any part may cause excessive secretion which may cause trouble and should be immediately checked. Infection is common during pregnancy and after child birth.
  • Another important cause of leucorrhea is sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis etc. Unhygienic habits can cause irritation of the external genital organs which may lead to excessive secretion from the glands.
  • When a girl reaches puberty, sex glands become active which may cause excessive secretion during that period of life. Masturbation can also cause increased secretion from the sex glands.
Signs and symptoms of Leucorrhea
Usually discharge is white in color but if it occurs due to gonorrhea, it may be yellow in color.

Brownish color discharge is seen in women suffering from bacterial infections.

There is intense itching and redness of the external genital organs.

Backache is a common symptom associated with leucorrhea. Women suffering from leucorrhea often complain pain in lower back, Headache, constipation and tiredness are accompanied with leucorrhea.

Women suffering from leucorrhea feel weakness of extremities and complain pain and loss of strength in lower extremities.
Loss of libido and desire for sex is seen in women suffering from leucorrhea.

Infection may cause fever and restlessness.

Home remedies for Leucorrhea

Fenugreek seeds are very helpful for treating leucorrhea at home. Boil one liter of water with two teaspoon fenugreek seeds for half an hour. Strain this and keep it to cool. Drink this water every day to get relief from leucorrhea.

Rice gruel is another important home remedy for leucorrhea. Take some rice gruel and add sugar in it and drink it. It is an effective remedy that helps to treat leucorrhea at home.

Yoghurt helps to kill harmful bacteria and neutralize acid base balance. Apply yoghurt in vagina everyday to balance the secretion from vagina.

Take some fresh guava leaves and boil them in one liter of water for half an hour. Cool this mixture and then apply on the vagina.

Soak some coriander seeds in water and keep it over night. Drink this water early in the morning as it is very helpful in reducing discharge from the vagina.

Mango pulp also helps in reducing itching and burning of vagina. Mash one mango and apply it on vagina to get relief from itching and irritation of the vagina.

Drink lots of water to flush out harmful chemicals from the body.

Keep vagina clean, change undergarments every day, wash genitals every time after urination.

Banana also prevents leucorrhea. It is recommended to eat one or two banana everyday to prevent leucorrhea.

Take one tea spoon of amla powder and mix it with honey. Eat it daily to get rid of leucorrhea.

Take about 100 Gms of lady finger and boil it in half liter of water till water reduces to half. Then cool it and add sugar and drink it. It is a very useful and effective remedy for leucorrhea.
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