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Home Remedies for winter Dryness

As winter approaches our skin becomes dry. There is great itchiness of the skin during winters due to dryness. Dry skin is a normal skin condition that is experienced by everyone during winters. It is not something serious and you do not have to worry much about it. Dry skin may not cause any problem but it is irritating to have dull looking and chapped skin. In severe cases some people may develop cracks in the skin due to dryness. It is mostly seen in winters when weather changes. Almost every person and people of all ages experience dry skin during winters. If proper care is taken of skin during winters or change of weather, then you may get healthy and glowing skin.
Causes of sun burn

There are many causes of dryness of the skin. The most important cause is change of weather. Dry skin is commonly found in winters due to less intake of water and bathing with warm water. During winters we drink less water which causes dryness and roughness of the skin.

Less intake of fruits also causes dryness of the skin. Fruits are a good source of anti-oxidants and help to remove harmful cells from the body. Therefore, eating fruits help to provide energy to body cells and gives you a glowing skin.

Imbalanced diet is another cause of dry skin. People who eat junk food are prone to get dry skin.

People who do not care about their skin during early years of life may get dry skin.

Constipation and other gastric ailments also causes dry skin as it leads to accumulation of harmful chemicals in the blood cells which provide insufficient nutrition to skin cells.
Signs and symptoms
Skin looks dull and dehydrated. It becomes rough and itchy due to dryness.

During winter skin become white and white flakes are seen all over the skin. Flakes appear on the skin due to dead cells.

Color of the skin appears red and there is great itching all over the body. Sometimes it may also cause swelling of the skin cells.

When a person scratches due to itching, it may cause bleeding of the skin.
Home remedies

Dry skin can be easily dealt at home. During winter we have to take extra care of our skin as it is the most sensitive part of our body. Drink lots of water and keep your skin hydrated to decrease roughness and dryness of the skin. Include fruits in your diet as it provides essential vitamins and minerals to the body cells to fight against any disease of the skin.

Regular application of body lotion or cold cream also prevents dryness of the skin.

Carrot juice is found to be very helpful in treating dryness of the skin. One glass in the morning and one glass in the evening should be taken to get rid of dryness of the skin.

Avoid taking a bath with very hot water during winters. Regularly apply moisturizer on your skin. If needed you may apply it for two- three times in a day.
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