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Home Remedies for Sun Burn

Sun is a good source of getting vitamin D. Sun nourishes our skin and gives a natural glow. Sufficient exposure to sun is essential to get natural vitamin D. new born babies are kept in sun so that their bones may get vitamin D which is essential for proper growth of bones. Skin becomes dull if proper exposure to sun is not given. But in some people too much exposure to sun may cause harm. Excessive exposure to sun results in sun burn. It is characterized by redness and itching of the skin. The part directly exposed to sun get sun burn. People with sensitive skin are prone to sun burn. Effects of sun burn may appear after hours of exposure to the sun.
Causes of sun burn

The most important cause of sun burn is over exposure of skin to sun. Sun has ultraviolet rays. We have a pigment called melanin which protects our skin from ultraviolet rays of the sun. But when our skin is directly exposed to sun for a longer period of time and melanin does not have an ability to protect the skin, then sun burn is produced.
Signs and symptoms
  • Skin exposed to sun becomes tender and red. There is itching on the skin. There are red blisters on the skin which become painful.
  • Fever, chill, nausea, vomiting along with flu like symptoms are also accompanied with sun burn. Sun burn should not be taken lightly as these may be life threatening.
  • There may be palpitation of the heart. Person exposed to sun for a longer time has a tendency to faint.
  • Pulse rate increases
  • Blood pressure may be raised. Breathing also becomes fast.
  • Patient feels pain in the head and vertigo.
  • Person feels thirsty and has a desire to lie down. Skin becomes cool and clammy.
Home remedies for Sun burn

Sun burn is a life threatening condition which should be taken care of immediately. Apply olive oil or cold cream to the affected area. Keep the patient quiet, lying down if possible.

Apply ice packs and cooling applications such as a towel dipped in ice water on the affected area to relieve the pain.

Calamine lotion is also useful in getting rid of sun burn. Its cooling effects give relief from pain and burning.

Add three table spoon of ground meal with half cup of yoghurt and apply this mixture on the affected area. Keep it for some time and then wash off.

Prepare a mask by adding two tea spoon of oatmeal with one drop of honey and half cup of ripe banana. Apply this on the burnt area for twenty minutes and then wash off.

Take two teaspoon of honey and one teaspoon of lime juice and mix them together. Then apply this on the affected area to get relief from burning and itching.

Add a pinch of turmeric to yoghurt and apply it on the area of skin which was exposed to the sun. Keep it for half an hour and then wash off. It may be regularly done to get a good looking skin. Turmeric has anti-bacterial properties and it helps to give glow to the skin.
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