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Home Remedies for Penis Enlargement

Sexual activity is a pleasure and size of the penis does not play any significant role. Men can perform sexual act successfully with normal penis size. But some men feel that they can perform better if their penis size will be bigger than normal. The way you love your partner is more important than the size of the penis. Foreplay and true love while doing sex are enough to satisfy partner. Some men take undue medicines to increase size of the penis which prove to be harmful. Penis become enlarged and stiff if there is proper supply of blood.
Causes of Small penis size

In some men penis fails to attain its normal size. It may happen due to weakness of muscles. Another important reason is deficient blood supply to the penis. When there is improper supply of blood to the penis, it fails to develop completely and attain its normal size.

Men who do not take proper nutrition at early age may also suffer from small penis size. Excessive masturbation is another cause of small penis size. Masturbation inhibits the growth of pelvic muscles and genital organs

Boys who do not wear proper undergarments can also suffer from small penis size. Proper shape and size of undergarments matters a lot in the development of proper size of the penis and other sexual organs. Sitting for long periods and restricted movement may also inhibit the growth of cells and leads to small penis size.
Home remedies
  • A man who suffers from over masturbation should do vigorous exercises and fill his mind with wholesome thoughts instead of thinking too much about these things. In India many useful herbs are found that are helpful for treating over masturbation. Regular intake of these herbs helps to get rid of this problem.
  • Some of the important herbs that are found to be extremely useful for sexual health problems in men are Shilajit, shilvarang, Aswagandha etc. All these herbs are used in traditional ayurvedic system of medicine to prepare drugs that treats sexual dysfunction in men. Direct consumption of these herbs can also help to improve sexual functions and getting rid of over masturbation.
  • Young people have excessive energy which they want to utilize. It is advised that they should use this energy for some constructive work. They should indulge themselves in some muscular activity like playing, cycling, swimming etc. It would help them to remain healthy.
  • Avoid watching too much pornographic sites and movies. This may arouse an urge and causes over activity of the sexual organs.
  • Take about 500 grams of onion juice and mix it with 250 grams of honey. Heat it on a low flame till water evaporates from the onion juice. Intake of this mixture helps to get rid of over masturbation as well increases muscle strength.
  • Drink eight to ten glasses of water every day to wash out harmful chemicals from the body. Cleansing of body system also keeps your mind and body healthy.
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