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Home Remedies for Man Sexual Health

The sex glands in the human male are located in the scrotum, a tough fibrous bag suspended from the groins. The testes produce important male hormone called testosterone. A man becomes sexually active during puberty when testosterone level rises. It results in increased sexual desire. Men face large number of sexual problems.

Some of the important sexual problems experienced by men are increased sexual desire, impotency, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, delayed ejaculation, loss of libido etc. These sexual problems may arise due to number of causes. Some of the important causes of Sexual diseases in men are discussed here.
Causes of Sexual Diseases in Men

A man who has never experienced sex may have a constant urge for sex. Young minds have increased energy which drives them to indulge in increased sexual activity.

Men who watch pornographic movies get sexual dreams and have an increased sexual desire.

When there is an increased testosterone level in the blood, it increases the sexual drive.

Excessive masturbation is an important cause for sexual problem in men. Increased masturbation may decrease the strength of muscles and leads to premature ejaculation as a long term effect.

Unbalanced dietary intake is also responsible for poor sexual health. Men who eat junk and fried food suffer from weakness and many sexual problems.

Interest in sex decreases with increasing age. Men after middle age frequently suffer from loss of libido and weak sexual drive.
Signs and symptoms of Sexual diseases in Men
There is loss of interest in sex. Men suffering from premature ejaculation become sterile and fail to satisfy their partner.

It may cause stress and depression. Usually men suffering from sexual problems do not like to talk to anybody as they cannot discuss their problem with anybody due to social stigma.

There is loss of sleep and appetite. Weakness of body parts is a common symptoms found in men suffering from sexual problems.
Home remedies
  • Zinc is required for increasing sexual drive in men. Food containing zinc are good for increasing level of testosterone. Nuts, beans, red meats, poultry and dairy products are rich sources of zinc and intake of these products should be increased to improve sexual functions.
  • Ginger is an effective home remedy for impotency in men. It helps to increase the testosterone levels in blood and increases sperm count.
  • Onion is also a great remedy for increasing libido in men.
  • Prepare a soup by taking about 10 grams of drumstick flowers and boil in 250 ml of milk. It is a very useful home remedy for improving sexual health in men.
  • Carrots are found useful for treating sexual health problems in men. Chop 250 gms of carrot and mix it with honey. It should be taken every day to improve sexual functions in men.
  • Boil some raisins with milk and drink this milk to improve sexual health.
  • Lady's finger is considered to be one of the important natural home remedy for sexual dysfunctions in men. Take five grams of this vegetable with milk every day to increase sexual vigor.
  • Regular exercise also helps to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic region and improves sexual functions.
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