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Home Remedies for Immune Booster

Immunity is a body's ability to defend against harmful microorganisms. You may feel tired and exhausted without doing much hard work due to lack of strength in muscles. Some people are sensitive to slightest change in the environment due to low immunity. Immunity of a person weakens due to unhealthy lifestyle. Low immunity is a house of all diseases and infections taking place in your body. A person loses interest in everything, does not have desire to work, and always feels tired and exhausted. Such persons are more prone to infections as compare to other people around them. A weak immune system is responsible for life threatening diseases.
Causes of low immunity

The main cause of low immunity is unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyle. People who remain adhere to their homes and do not move out are prone for weakening of body's defense mechanism.

Inadequate diet is a major cause of low immunity. We all know that we need a balanced diet to remain healthy. People who indulge in taking fatty diet, eating junk food are more prone to suffer from low immunity. It is very essential to provide all nutrients to the body in required amount for healthy functioning of all body parts. Certain diseases such as herpes, HPV, HIV, cancer etc. weakens the body's immune system and a person suffering from these diseases become prone to infections. Excessive stress and depression also lowers the body immune system. People who remain under continuous stress and depression do not get proper sleep and food which decreases the body's ability to fight against the diseases
Signs and symptoms of Indigestion
People suffering from low immunity feel tired and restless all the time. There is weakness of extremities and body aches are commonly found.

Loss of appetite with other digestion problems is associated with weak immune system.

People with weak immunity are prone to frequent viral infections.

Headache and vertigo is a constantly observed in people with low immunity.
Home remedies
  • Excess of medication should be stopped as they pave a way for reducing body's natural ability to fight against diseases.
  • A well balanced diet should be taken to provide proper nutrients to the body.
  • Intake of 8-10 glasses of water is recommended to flush out harmful substances from the body.
  • Fruit juices and green leafy vegetables are very helpful in increasing the immunity of the body. Fruits provide necessary vitamins and minerals to the body for defense against many diseases.
  • Citrus fruits such as oranges and lemon should be taken daily to increases body's immunity as these are rich sources of vitamin C which helps to prevent viral infections.
  • Milk and milk products also helps to build up strong immunity against many harmful diseases. One glass of milk should be taken regularly for strengthening bones.
  • Vegetable soup is a good source of providing essential nutrients to the body. Daily intake of vegetable soup builds up strong immunity.
  • Intake of alcohol and cigarette smoking should be stopped to boost immune system of the body.
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