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Home remedies for Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids may be defined as the swelling or enlargement of the veins that supply the rectum of the body. This is accompanied by swelling and inflammation around the rectum. There is pain and bleeding while passing stool or during straining of the muscles. Constipation is the main cause of hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are also common in pregnant women and in people suffering from liver disorders and gastric ailments. There are mainly two types of hemorrhoids: External hemorrhoids and internal hemorrhoids. In external hemorrhoids veins can be easily felt below the skin as they actually lie outside the ano-rectal junction. Internal hemorrhoids are soft and cannot be felt as they lie inside the rectum wall. They may protrude out on excessive straining while passing stool. Other important varieties of hemorrhoids can be classified as bleeding and non-bleeding piles. In bleeding piles stool is accompanied with bleeding whereas in non-bleeding piles there is no bleeding but there in unbearable pain.
Sign and symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Pain and swelling around the rectal region are the most important symptom found in hemorrhoids. A lump may be felt near the anal opening which is sensitive and painful to touch.

Bleeding occurs while passing stool.

There is great itching and irritation around the anus. Pain causes difficulty in sitting and walking.

Stool is black, dark brown in color.
Causes of hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids are caused when veins supplying the rectal region are subjected to high pressure. People suffering from chronic constipation usually are the worst sufferers.

Excessive straining while passing stool

Less drinking of water throughout the day

Prolonged sitting and lack of exercise

Many women suffer from hemorrhoids during pregnancy due to fewer intakes of food and nutrients. Hemorrhoid is also observed in families. It is transmitted from generation to generation. It is commonly found in people belonging to the same family.
Home remedies

Small hemorrhoids with slight bleeding may not require any treatment if it is not much serious. Constipation is the main cause of hemorrhoids. Thus, people suffering from hemorrhoids should drink excessive amount of fluids and about eight to ten glasses of water for normal bowel movement. Diet rich in fruits and vegetables also help to reduce constipation. Salad is an important component of food which forms the bulk and reduces constipation. Food rich in fibers should be consumed to form the bulk of the stool. Physical activity is very essential for normal bowel movement.

Hot bath gives relief from pain and swelling of the anal region. It is advised that a person suffering from hemorrhoids should sit in a tub with warm water for few minutes every day to increase the flow of blood as well as to get relief from pain.

Clean the anal area with moist and clean toilet paper. Dryness can cause rashes and increase the irritation which is not good and can cause scratching of the skin. Fruit juices greatly help to reduce constipation. Regular intake of fruit juice should be included in diet to reduce constipation.

Spicy food, junk food and beverages such as tea and coffee should be reduced. Alcoholic drinks should also be avoided.
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