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Home remedies for Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is characterized by pain and stiffness of muscles. Pain may occur at different points such as neck, spine, shoulders, hips etc. Different people show different signs and symptoms suffering from fibromyalgia. No exact reason for pain is found. Stress, lack of sleep, anxiety, depression are some of the aggravating factors of this condition.
Causes of Fibromyalgia

Any particular cause for this disease in not known. It is found that people taking unhealthy food suffers from fibromyalgia. Climatic conditions also add up to the aggravation of signs and symptoms. Muscle stiffness and pain is aggravated in winters and rainy weather. People who do not have proper sleep also are prone to muscle problems. They experience pain and stiffness of joints frequently. Any other disease that is related to joints and muscles also causes fibromyalgia.
Signs and symptoms
  • Most important symptom associated with fibromyalgia is pain that may occur at different points along with tenderness.
  • Pains are also accompanied by stiffness of the joints during whole day which makes movement difficult.
  • Pain is characterized by shooting, burning, sharp and radiating nature. Pain travels from one point of the body to another quickly. Sometimes pain becomes unbearable.
  • Pain causes disturbed sleep. Patient becomes restless due to pain and disturbed sleep.
  • Pain causes stress, anxiety and depression. Many people suffering from fibromyalgia feel numbness and tingling of the extremities.
  • Digestive problems are also experienced by some people. There is difficulty in swallowing and constipation is an added symptom.
Home remedies

Other system of medicine prescribe pain killers for people suffering from fibromyalgia which gives temporary relief from pain. Continuous intake of pain killers may cause many other side effects. Home remedies can be of great help which gives relief from pain and stiffness of muscles and also do not have any side effects. Some important home remedies which may be used at home are given below:

  • Turmeric is a time tested herb which has been used since ages due to antiseptic properties. Turmeric powder with milk can be taken which gives relief from muscle stiffness.
  • Ginger is another natural herbal product that gives strength to joints. Ginger juice can be taken daily to provide strength to muscles and bones.
  • Garlic also helps to relieve muscle and bone pains if taken regularly. People suffering from fibromyalgia should eat garlic everyday to get relief from pain and stiffness.
  • Take five teaspoon of oatmeal and boil it in milk. This is an effective home remedy to get relief from fibromyalgia.
  • Make a paste by grinding papaya seeds and Spigel seeds. Apply this paste on the affected areas. It will give soothing effect and relief from pain and stiffness.
  • Juices of fresh fruits also give strength to the bones and muscles. People suffering from fibromyalgia should drink fresh fruit juice everyday to get relief from muscle pain.
  • Olive oil and kerosene oil are also good natural treatments for fibromyalgia. Apply these oils regularly on the affected parts of the body and it gives quick relief from stiffness and pain.
  • Mix some capsicum powder with winter green oil and apply it on the affected muscles and joints to get relief from pain.
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