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Constipation is associated with gastric disorders. Constipation is difficult evacuation of stools. When a person requires much straining and difficulty in passing stools everyday he may suffer from constipation.

Constipation is not a disease, it is only a symptom associated with many gastric disorders. There is no need to take any medicine for constipation but it can be treated naturally. Constipation may lead to other signs and symptoms such as bloating and fullness of the abdomen.

Waste products are not removed from the body, so a person suffering from constipation has an uneasy feeling all day. Chronic constipation may cause accumulation of toxic substances in the body. You can easily get rid of constipation by making changes in your life style.
Causes of Constipation

  • Constipation is a disorder that may result due to diseases of colon such as colonic cancer.
  • Constipation may result due to lack of fiber in the diet. People who do not take fiber containing food in their diet suffer from constipation.
  • People who take less fruits and fresh vegetables also suffer from constipation.
  • People who drink less water also have dryness of the lining of the mucous membranes of intestines and face difficulty in passing stool due to less lubrication.
  • People who lead a sedentary life style and do less exercise also suffer from constipation.
  • People who take too many medicines also experience constipation.
  • Imbalance of hormones in the body also causes constipation.
  • In pregnancy constipation is a common complaint. Pregnant woman suffers from constipation due to inadequate nutrition..
  • Stress and anger also cause irregular bowel movements. .
Signs and Symptoms of Constipation
  • People with constipation have a desire to pass stool but unable to do it satisfactorily as there is pain and straining while passing stool.
  • There is swelling of the abdomen, cramps and colic.
  • Dry hard stools are evacuated with difficulty
  • Chronic constipation may cause headache, nausea and vomiting due to accumulation of harmful chemicals in the body.
  • Chronic constipation can also lead to accumulation of toxic substances that may cause harm to other organs.
  • Severe complications may result from long standing constipation. It may cause anal fissures.
Natural treatment for Constipation

Fibers are essential for relieving constipation. Fibers add bulk to the diet and helps in easy evacuation of stools. Salads are a good source or fibers. It is recommended to eat salad before dinner. Drink eight to ten glasses of water.

Water cleanses toxic substances from your body and helps in removal of waste products from intestines with ease. Drink 4-5 glasses of water after getting up in the morning. Add fresh fruits and vegetables in diet to form bulk.

Carbohydrate diet is recommended for people having constipation. Diet including too many fats may affect your gastrointestinal system.Drinking milk before going to bed is also beneficial in getting rid of constipation.

Regular exercise is very essential to keep your body healthy. Morning walk is good exercise that helps you to keep your body fit and healthy.
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