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Bowel Syndrome

Bowel syndrome or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a discomfort associated with malfunctioning of intestines. Irritable bowel syndrome is not a disease.

It is only a gastric discomfort producing varying signs and symptoms in different individuals. When lining of the intestines becomes inflamed it produces gastric discomfort. Most common symptoms associated with bowel syndrome include, pain in the abdomen, fullness of the abdomen, constipation or diarrhea, nausea, headache etc.

Irritable bowel syndrome is not a serious disease. It only produces a little discomfort to the patient and it can be easily controlled by making certain dietary changes. Anyone can suffer from IBS. Both men and women are equally affected with irritable bowel syndrome. Making certain changes in life style can help people to live a healthy life.
Signs and Symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Main symptoms of IBS are related to gastric complaints. Patient feels uneasiness in the abdomen. There is bloating sensation in the abdomen due to accumulation of gas, pain in the abdomen, constipation or diarrhea etc.

People suffering from IBS may complain of pain when trying to evacuate the bowels. There is insufficient emptying from the bowels which may cause bloating and pain in the abdomen. Stools may be accompanied with mucus. There is much straining and difficulty while passing stools.

Some people experience diarrhea that is passage of loose watery stools whereas in others there may be constipation. Some individuals have alternate constipation and diarrhea. People with IBS feel weakness of legs, cramping of extremities, loss of appetite, lose weight and feel numbness and pain in body parts.
Causes of Irritable Bowel Syndrome
There is no specific cause for irritable bowel syndrome. It is believed that people who are sensitive to certain foods suffer from irritable bowel syndrome. In such people gastric system is weak and is unable to digest fried foods or heavy diet. Movement of the colon decreases.

The lining of the epithelium becomes affected or inflamed which causes diarrhea or constipation. Stress is an easy factor that triggers an attack of diarrhea in people with IBS.

Another important cause of IBS is bacterial infection. Bacterial infection may be produced due to eating of unhealthy food or spoiled food.
Natural Treatment for IBS

People suffering from IBS are recommended to take different medications for getting rid of signs and symptoms. But these drugs may cause other side effects in the body. Natural herbs are available which help you to get rid of all your signs and symptoms without producing any side effects.
  • Many people can reduce their signs and symptoms by changing their diet.
  • A person suffering from IBS has to watch what is triggering a flare up of gastric complaints. He/she should avoid those products from diet.
  • Patients with irritable bowel syndrome should eat high carbohydrate diet and avoid fatty food.
  • Try to eat small, frequent meals rather than large ones.
  • Simple exercise can be helpful in maintaining good health.
  • Avoid eating too much dairy products as they may cause gastric discomfort.
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