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Blood Sugar

Increased blood sugar is commonly known as diabetes. Normal blood glucose level is 80-120 fasting and 120-140 random (half an hour after eating). Normal blood glucose level in our body is maintained by a hormone secreted by pancreas.

Insulin is the main hormone secreted by pancreas that controls the blood sugar levels. When pancreas fails to secrete enough insulin, blood sugar level rises and leads to a condition known as diabetes. People suffering from diabetes have to take artificial drugs or insulin injections to maintain blood glucose level.

Our body makes glucose from carbohydrates which are energy giving food. Small amount of glucose is also produced from proteins and fats. It is essential for our body to maintain normal blood glucose level to perform our day to day activities in a perfect manner.
Types of Diabetes

Diabetes is of two types:

Insulin dependent diabetes and Non-insulin dependent diabetes. Signs and symptoms are same in both kinds of diabetes. Insulin dependent diabetes occurs in children due to heredity.

In such children pancreas does not produce insulin at all and all the insulin is supplied in the form of insulin injections from outside. Non-insulin dependent diabetes is seen after middle age and in this type of diabetes patient has to take medicines to stimulate pancreatic cells to secrete insulin for glucose metabolism.

There are many factors that lead to non-insulin dependent diabetes. Diabetes is common among both men and women. It is mostly seen people with sedentary life styles, who do less exercise, eat more sugar or take too many medicines.
Signs and Symptoms of High Blood Sugar
Most important signs and symptoms associated with high blood sugar are increased thirst, increased urination at night, tiredness, weakness and numbness of extremities.

Person with high blood sugar loses weight on its own even when taking enough diet. Person suffering from high blood pressure are more prone to infections. Skin becomes dry and rough.

Vision may be affected. Nails are affected, become weak and brittle and breaks easily. In people with high blood sugar wounds take a long time to heal.
Natural treatment for High Blood Sugar

High blood sugar is not a disease; it is only a dysfunction that may be produced due to insufficient production of insulin. A person having high blood sugar should regulate his/her diet.
  • One should avoid sugary products from the diet including sugar in tea or coffee, cold drinks, sweets etc.
  • Eat more fruits and green vegetables. Avoid fruits which have high natural sugar such as mango, banana, grapes etc.
  • Plan a regular exercise schedule to convert carbohydrates in glucose which can be utilized by your body.
  • Drink 8-10 glasses of water for effective functioning of kidneys.
  • Should do simple yoga exercises to keep your mind and body healthy.
Low Blood Sugar

In some individuals blood sugar decreases below normal value and may cause dizziness, lethargy, tiredness. Too low blood sugar can lead to a life threatening condition and patient may go in coma.Thus, it is very essential to get your blood sugar checked from time to time in order to avoid any complications from abnormal levels of blood sugar.
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