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Back pain

Back pain is a common problem that may occur due to any reason. There is severe pain in the back which is sometimes unbearable and a person has to take pain killers to get relief.

Back pain may occur because of long standing or sitting, inflammation of the sciatic nerve, during menses in women, after child birth, continuous bending, in athletes due to over exertion, diseases of the spinal cord, etc. Back pain may be sharp in severe or chronic cases. Back pain may occur in any part of the back.

Most of the people suffering from back pain take painkillers that give them temporary relief from pain. Regular intake of pain killer can also affect liver and cause digestive problems.

Back pain is not a disease; it is only a symptom that may cause discomfort in normal working of day to day life. Natural remedies are available to get rid of back pain forever without producing any side effects.
Signs and symptoms of Back Pain

People suffering from back pain experience sharp, shooting pain in the back. Site of pain may be different in different people. Person suffering from back pain has difficulty in walking, standing and bending.

Back pain may be shooting and it may also cause pain in other parts of the body such as shoulders, legs etc. Patient feels weak and lethargic and does not want to rise up or straighten up back due to fear of pain.

There may be loss of sleep due to pain in the back. There may be numbness or tingling sensation in the arms and legs. Overwork may also aggravate pain. Pain may be worse at night or in the morning.
Causes of Back Pain
There are many causes of back pain. Some of the important causes of back pain are discussed below:
  • Back pain may result from an injury to the muscles and bones of the back.
  • Prolonger sitting and standing also damages the ligaments which causes pain in back.
  • Inflammation of the sciatic nerve is another important cause for back pain. This is popularly known as sciatica. Patient experience pain in back referred to lower leg.
  • Women experience pain in back during menses, excessive white discharge or after child birth.
  • Incorrect sitting posture or wrong sitting chair also causes pain in back.
  • Some of the diseases such as infection of bones can also lead to pain in back. Tumor is another medical condition responsible for pain in back.
Natural treatment for Back Pain

Generally your physician will advise you to take painkillers for getting relief from back pain. In some cases surgery is recommended to get rid of chronic back pain.

But natural treatment is also available to get rid of back pain permanently without getting any side effects. Yoga exercises are very helpful in getting rid of back pain forever. Avoid long sitting or standing to avoid stress and tension of the muscles of the back.

Go for a short walk everyday to keep your bones and muscles healthy. Use right sitting posture. Sleep on hard bed if you feel any pain in the back.
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