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Antioxidants are the protective soldiers of your body that protects your body from the harmful effects of free radicals. Antioxidants are nothing but they include vitamins, enzymes and other nutrients that perform a protective function for your body against harmful free radicals.

Free radicals are ionized substances that are highly unstable and are present in your body after metabolic processes. Free radicals are also produced as a result of excessive smoking, exposure to radiations, from environmental pollution etc. Free radicals are very dangerous substances that are produced by oxidation of food which tends to affect the integrity of cells and tissues.

Excess amount of free radicals start eating your own body cells and start producing harmful cells in the body. These unstable ions react with essential molecules of our body in order to become stable. Antioxidants react with free radicals and make them neutralize without themselves getting affected.

Antioxidants are stable molecules and they are not affected by accepting or donating an electron to the free radicals. Thus, they make free radicals stable by accepting or donating an electron. Antioxidants are present in fresh fruits and green vegetable. Most of the herbs are also rich in anti-oxidants.

Free radicals become inactive by accepting or donating an electron as they become stable in both forms. We need to add anti-oxidants in our body everyday to prevent diseases such as cancer, heart diseases etc. If sufficient amount of anti-oxidants will not be present in our body, it may give rise to life threatening conditions.

Thus, regular intake of anti-oxidants in the form of fresh fruits and vegetables will prevent you from risk of dangerous diseases.
Source of Anti-oxidants

Anti-oxidants are naturally found in fruits and vegetables. Citrus fruits are considered to be the best source of anti-oxidants. Vitamin C and vitamin E are found to possess anti-oxidant properties.

Anti-oxidants are also found in herbs. Natural herbs are found to be another important source of anti-oxidants. Therefore, people have now started taking herbal products for their ailments to cover the deficiency of anti-oxidants in their body.

Studies have also shown that people who regularly eat fruits are less prone to the risk of developing heart disease, cancer and other diseases. Such people look younger as compare to their age and their skin remains tight as anti-oxidants gives a fresh glow on their face.
Benefits of Anti-oxidants
Anti-oxidants are natural substances required by our body to prevent heart disease and risk of cancer. Studies have shown that anti-oxidants are very helpful in preventing cancer.It is also believed that diet rich in anti-oxidants also reduces the risk of heart diseases.

Heart diseases are common in individual with high blood cholesterol. It is believed that anti-oxidants reduce the risk of heart diseases.Anti-oxidants are also known to increase memory and skin splendor. They nourish skin cells to give it a fresh look. Antioxidants are also known to slow down the ageing process.

Anti-oxidants boost up your energy level and help you to look young and beautiful. It gives natural shine to your skin and slows down the process of ageing.
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