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Allergy is a condition in which immune system of our body is hyperactive to fight against some foreign invaders. The substances that causes allergy are called as allergens.

There are different types of allergens that produce various kind of allergic reaction in every individual. Allergy can occur in both men and women and it can also occur at any age. As soon as an allergen attacks your body, immune system develops an allergic response.

Normally allergens are not harmful to other people but your body responds in an inappropriate manner and you get an allergic reaction. Your immune system protects your body against foreign invaders. Whenever a foreign body enters your body, your immune system recognizes it and reacts against it.

These foreign invaders are called as antigens and protective agents that are produced by your body to fight against these antigens are called as antibodies. The most important antibody that is produced in response to an allergic reaction is IgE.

Specific antibodies are produced against specific antigens. Antibodies attach itself to the surface of antigen and destroy it and protect your body from its harmful effects.
Causes of Allergic

There are numerous causes that may lead to an allergic reaction in an individual. Some of the important causes of allergy are listed below: Heredity is an important factor that may lead allergy to run in families.

Some respiratory infections such as asthma, hay fever, sinusitis, and rhinitis are common in family members. Another important issue that may cause allergic reaction in some individuals is environment. Continuous exposure to allergens can also lead to an allergic reaction in some individuals.

People with weak immunity are affected most rather than who have a strong immune system to fight against the foreign invaders.In some people certain food are also responsible for an allergic reaction.

They should keep a check on various food items and find out if they get an allergic reaction after eating any particular food.
Signs and symptoms of Allergy
The parts of the body that are involved during an attack of allergy include eyes, nose, throat, and skin. In different allergic reactions different signs and symptoms occur.

But some of the common signs and symptoms that may accompany an allergic reaction include watery eyes and nose, irritation in eyes, redness of eyes, burning sensation in nose and eyes, skin symptoms may include appearance of red rashes on the skin with burning and itching of the skin.

Some people experience continuous sneezing from nose as a part of an allergic reaction.
Natural treatment for Allergy

Anti allergic medications are available in the market that may produce other side effects on your body. Allergic reactions can be treated with natural remedies as well.

First and foremost thing is to recognize the allergen. Once you recognize the allergen try to remain away from its exposure. Avoidance of allergen is the most important way of preventing your body from an allergic reaction.

You should eat a good balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and green vegetables to boost up your immune system and it is also recommended to drink lots of water to remove harmful chemical from your body.
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