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Femiplex is a unique combination of Ayurvedic herbs that are found to be beneficial in treating any ailment associated with female reproductive organs. Femiplex is a wonderful herbal product that is prepared from natural ayurvedic remedies treatment for leucorrhea. Femiplex is a natural product and is prepared from natural herbs that are safe and effective.

Femiplex is an excellent product that helps women to get rid of excessive abnormal vaginal discharge and get rid of other signs and symptoms associated with it such itching and burning of the vagina. Some women experience excessive white discharge after menstruation and it works as women white discharge remedy for them.

Femiplex is a time tested herbal product prepared from natural herbs and is recommended for all the discomforts experienced by women before and during menstruation.

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Health Benefits of Femiplex

Femiplex is a comprehensive combination of Ayurvedic herbs that produce excellent results in women suffering from excessive white discharge. Some women suffer from very profuse white discharge from genitals that causes irritation of the genital parts. Sometimes it smells foul due to infection from bacteria or yeast.

Femiplex is a natural ayurvedic product that helps as treatment of leucorrhea naturally and will help you to get rid of all signs and symptoms. Femiplex can be taken regularly and for a longer period of time as it does not produce any side effects and is prepared from natural Ayurvedic herbs. Every woman who experiences excessive white discharge can take this natural remedy regularly to get rid of all the signs and symptoms associated with it.

Femiplex not only helps as remedy for white discharge but it also helps in treating other menstrual disorders of female. Femiplex naturally helps in balancing the hormones and correcting signs and symptoms associated with imbalance hormones. Femiplex naturally helps in the improvement of overall sexual health in females with offering treatment for abnormal vaginal discharge.
Indications for Femiplex

If you are suffering from any disorders related to menstruation or leucorrhea or any other disease of the reproductive organ, you may start taking femiplex as it will help you in getting rid of all signs and symptoms forever without causing any adverse effects. Femiplex is recommended for irregular menstrual cycle.

It is a natural herbal product that helps to regularize the abnormal bleeding. Thus, femiplex is recommended for all the sexual discomforts of a woman. Regular intake of femiplex will help a woman to regain normal reproductive health.

Femiplex has shown very good results in treating all the abnormalities of a woman very quickly and effectively. Thus, if you are really troubled with continuous discharge that makes you feel irritating, you can start taking femiplex immediately and see the results.

It will definitely help you to get rid of your problem. Femiplex is also recommended for women suffering recurrent infections of vagina. Infections may be caused by bacteria or yeast. Femiplex is a natural product that is effective against any disease cauing micro-organism and thus helps in giving relief from irritation and burning of the affected parts.

Regular intake of femiplex can give optimum reproductive health to all women suffering from one problem or the other.

Vaginal discharge is the discharge from the vagina. Vaginal discharge may vary in consistency, colour and smell. It is normal that some amount of vaginal discharge comes out from the vagina. It is common when a girl reaches the age of puberty. Clear mucus is produced from the glands present in the cervix. The amount of mucus may vary. Hormones play an important role in the amount of secretion of the mucus from the cervix. If large amounts of mucus are liberated from vagina and it differs in colour and consistency, it may indicate some underlying infection. Normal white discharge from vagina does not have any odour and have normal consistency.

Causes of Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Vaginal discharge may increase in amount in certain situations. Some of the common situations in which amount of vaginal discharge increases are:
  • During ovulation the amount of vaginal discharge increases. In the middle of the menstrual cycle there is an increased amount of white discharge from the vagina.
  • During emotional stress also the amount of vaginal discharge increases
  • Vaginal discharge increases during pregnancy
  • Vagina becomes wet during sexual excitement.
  • Abnormal vaginal discharge is produced due to the following reasons:
  • Bacterial or viral infection may lead to an abnormal discharge from the vagina. Candida infection produce white and thick vaginal discharge and yellow vaginal discharge is produced during bacterial infection.
  • Sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhoea, syphilis can also cause abnormal vaginal discharge.
  • Cervical cancer is also the major cause of producing an abnormal discharge
Precautions To Prevent Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Women should take precaution to prevent abnormal vaginal discharge. Some tips are given here that may help women to prevent abnormal vaginal discharge.
  • Women should keep the genital area clean and dry to prevent infection of the vagina and other reproductive parts.
  • Douching is not recommended immediately after sexual intercourse as it may damage the healthy bacteria and can promote the growth of bad bacteria.
  • Avoid unprotected sex as it increases the risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Do not wear tight fitting undergarments. It may produce irritation and can produce infection.
  • Do not use sprays, fragrances and powders in the genital area
  • Wear cotton undergarments for quick absorption of sweat and water. Synthetic undergarments restrict the flow of air and can increase the risk of infection.
  • Change sanitary pads regularly during menstrual periods.
Home Remedies for Abnormal Vaginal Discharge

Home remedies are also very useful for the treatment of abnormal vaginal discharge. You can use these home remedies safely.
  • Yoghurt is an excellent product to combat yeast infection. Women suffering from recurrent yeast infection should eat yoghurt regularly to prevent the recurrent attacks.
  • Avoid drinking too much alcohol as it may cause infection and lowers the immune system
  • Do not eat too many sweets as increased sugar level increases the risk of catching infection
  • Exercise is very important for reducing stress and to keep your body healthy
  • Fruits help to boost up the immunity and help to prevent recurrent infections. Banana is an excellent fruit to control yeast infections.
  • Put some coriander leaves in water overnight and strain the water in the morning and drink it every day to prevent recurrent infections.


Dosage of Femiplex

One to two tablets twice a day after meals.

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