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Dysmin Tablets

Dysmin tablets are a comprehensive combination of resonance homeopathic remedies. It is an excellent remedy for getting relief from pain during menstruation. Women experience pain in back, abdomen, headache, pain in legs during menstruation. Medicines that are used to prepare dysmin tablets are traditionally believed to be beneficial menstrual cramps cure.

Thus, dysmin tablets are a right remedy for women or girls suffering from pain in any part of the body during periods and looking for irregular menstruation cycle treatment. Dysmin tablets being best period pain relief pills are absolutely safe and effective and do not produce any side effects as all the remedies used in the preparation of dysmin tablets are natural. Dysmin tablets not only give relief from pain but it also help to treat other menstrual disorders in women.

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Health Benefits of Dysmin tablets

Dysmin tablets are absolutely safe as these are prepared from natural homeopathic remedies. Period pain relief pills can be taken for a long period of time without any unwanted effects on your body. Generally, girls who experience first menstrual period experience lot of discomfort.

Dysmin tablets are suitable for girls when they experience first menstrual period. Dysmin tablets are also recommended as irregular menstruation cycle treatment of women for issues such as menorrhagia, amenorrhea, pelvic pain, heaviness of breasts, leucorrhea etc. Dysmin tablets give relief from all these disorders mentioned here quickly and effectively.

Many women experience mood swings, irritability during periods. Dysmin tablets help women with such changes and make them calm during periods by working on emotional sphere and give them energy to fight with such changes. Dysmin tablets also help women who experience symptoms of hot flushes, pain in legs during menopause reason being safe menstrual cramps cure. Dysmin tablets have given wonderful results in women with menopausal age.

Indications for Dysmin tablets

Dysmin tablets are indicated for girls and women suffering from excessive pain during periods in different parts of the body. Dysmin tablets may be indicated for women suffering from any menstrual disorder. Dysmin tablets are natural and safe combination of resonance homeopathic remedies that help to treat reproductive disorders in women. Dysmin tablets are recommended for women suffering from DUB and give very good results in short period of time if taken regularly.

Dysmin tablets boosts up the energy level and help to fight against the menstrual discomfort naturally. Dysmin tablets are recommended for women who experience abortion due to one reason or the other. Regular intake of these tablets help in successful conception. Dysmin tablets are also safe for women during labor pains. It helps in the contractions of the uterus and facilitates easy delivery. PCOD is another female disorder which may be treated with dysmin tablets.

Dysmin tablets help in dissolving cysts from the ovaries and help to balance hormones. Dysmin tablets are a unique combination of homeopathic remedies to improve overall health of women. Dysmin tablets help to build strong immunity against bacterial and fungal infection of genital parts in women. Thus, dysmin tablets may be taken regularly by women for getting rid of any signs and symptoms associated with reproductive disorders.


A healthy and normal menstruation cycle ranges from 25-30 days. This cycle differs for every woman. The menstrual cramps can be very difficult for a girl who is new to this condition. The physical pain can be difficult for them to continue their daily routine. There are many over the counter medicines available for period pain relief but they only focus on temporary relief. The best way is to get relief from menstrual cramps is to use the homeopathy medicines.

The natural and safe homeopathy Dysmin tablets can bring relief to all the problems related to periods. Menstruation cycle is a natural and healthy process and it is not a sickening condition. It is important for every girl to take up this biological change in her body with pride and not stress. Even though the whole process might be uncomfortable for her in the beginning but periods can be handled in a good way with the use of this medicine. Many a times women face irregular menstruation cycle which definitely is a matter of concern and must be treated at the earliest. The causes could be ranging from minor to major. These tablets will provide treatment for regularising the periods.


These therauptic homeopathy Dysmin tablets help treat the reproductive problems well. If you are on a irregular period for example no period for few months or even a month it is difficult to determine the ovulation cycle and increases chances of not conceiving. It could be really tough for the couple who want to have a baby desperately. This medicine provides proper functioning of the pituitary glands which are responsible for releasing hormones. This condition is also known as amenorrhea. Normally the onset of periods are accompanied by fatigue, stomach ache, headache and back pain. The mood swings which are more common in adults than in young girls can be also treated with the use of natural drug. The mood swings are worst during menopause..

Menopause is a major turning point in any woman life. It is marked by irregular menstruation cycle like heavy or light periods. Other symptom accompanying this condition could be irritability, hot flashes and insomnia. Periods are completely a hormonal thing with the release of estrogenic and progesterone which lead to these mood swings. Many a times use of contraceptive pills may interfere with the working for the uterus and result in Metrorrhagia a term used for irregular menstruation cycle. The causes of excessive menstrual cramps could be over exertion, weight gain, stress, unhealthy lifestyle like smoking, drinking or drugs.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) does not only contribute to irregular menstruation cycle but also menstrual cramps. Period pain relief can be effectively treated with the use of the safe and natural combination of homeopathy. These tablets do not have any side effects and treats the root cause rather than just curing the symptoms. A regular dose of this tablet can be taken for a long duration and can be consumed by girls who have just begun the menstrual cycle to the menopausal women.

Dosage of Dysmin tablets

1 tablet, four times a day before period start.
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