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Damiagra Drops

SBL has produced a well known homeopathic product as premature erectile dysfunction treatment, PE is an increasing problem in men. The name of this product produced by SBL is Damiagra drops. Damiagra drops are a combination of time tested homeopathic remedies that have beneficial effect on male reproductive organs.

Erectile dysfunction is a common sexual problem experienced by men which hampers their sexual life. Physical bonding between partners is a way of establishing good understanding among life partners. Erectile dysfunction may lead to mis-understanding among partners and may disturb their married life. Damiagra drops produced by SBL are a safe and natural combination of homeopathic remedies that naturally helps to get rid of erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems in men as it is helpful natural treatment for ED.

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Advantages of Damiagra Drops

The most important advantage of Damiagra drops is that it is prepared from safe and natural premature ejaculation disorder treatment and do not produce any side effects. Damiagra drops naturally helps to get rid of sexual problems in men. The homeopathic remedies that are used in the preparation of Damiagra drops are believed to have aphrodisiac properties and help in treating all sexual problems of men such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, libido, low sperm count, depression etc.

Damiagra drops are recommended for men of all ages with any sexual problem as it is an effective natural treatment for ED. If a man does not want to discuss his problem with anybody and wants to enjoy his sexual life with his partner he may start taking damiagra drops to get maximum benefit without getting any side effects. It is not a habit forming drug and you may take it as long as you required.

Indications for Damiagra Drops

Damiagra drops is a well known combination of time tested homeopathic remedies that are found to be effective for all types of sexual problmes in men.

Damiagra drops is best suited for men who suffers from erectile dysfucntion, premature ejaculation and other sexual problems. It helps to provide sufficient nutrition to sexual organs and help in normal functioning of male reproductive organs. It is an effective remedy to balance the hormones for treating complaints related with reproductive organs.

Erectile dysfunction is a common problem experienced by men due to weakness of the male organ. In comprehensive school of medicine there is no treatment available for erectile dysfunction. But in homeopathy remedies are available that helps in getting rid of erectile dysfunction and Damiagra drops is a combination of such homeopathic remedies that helps in getting rid of any sexual problem.

If taken regulalry it not only helps to provide strength to the male organ but it also helps in treating depression due to sexual problems. Other indications for damiagra drops are low interest in sex, libido, weakness, low sperm count, infertility etc.

Features Of Damiagra Drops

When a person has a strong desire to indulge in a sexual act but does not gets the erection due to the looseness of penis, it is called erectile dysfunction. This could be really draining for a man mentally and leaves him frustrated and tired. The embarrassment in front of his partner can also affect the self esteem of the man. It is also very difficult to discuss this problem openly. Though there are much medical advancement in the medicines to cure this disorder but one should opt for the safest and natural cure. Thus one can go for erectile dysfunction treatment with the Damiagra drops and make way for a satisfactory and happy life.

There could be many reasons why a person might go through this ordeal. The reasons obviously are more health issues and also stress which is part of modern day life. Working for late hours in office may cause stress at both office and home front. It can also lead to poor sleep patterns thus giving rise to the problems ejaculating. Sometimes the cause of erectile dysfunction could be just a drop in the level of Testosterone. Testosterone is the major male hormone that causes sexual urge and is responsible for erection. Any serious injury around the pelvic region could also be one of the reasons.


The benefits of Damiagra drops is that whatever be the cause, this therapy helps in improving the strength of a man in order to get proper erection. This therapy will eventually help in improving potency. It will clear all obstacles in having a baby by improving sperm count and longer time of erection. It just rejuvenates the organ. The aphrodisiac properties will help in replenishing the lost vigor and energy. These drops also help in the production of semen. The safe and natural components are loaded with effective remedy formula for any reason causing erectile dysfunction which also means disorders like premature ejaculation.

Exercising regularly along with taking the drops will be a sure shot premature ejaculation cure. It is suggestive to follow a healthy lifestyle free of smoking and drinking which might just be the greatest obstacles in getting better. The composition of the medicine is stated clearly which shows the use of all natural stuff so you are assured of no side effects. Maintaining a regular dose will fix the problem. The medicine contains natural ingredients which lead to overall well being of the sexual functions and increases stamina thus boosting your love life. This natural remedy is the best way to get back the lost spark in the marriage and relationship.

In fact, a happy state of mind can keep a person away from any depression. This is the natural and safe way to get back the dignity and the passion you were yearning for! Try this medicine for best results with a positive outcome. Any age no bar, any reason no bar, this medicine is for one and all men facing sexual disorders. You can also order our product online and get it deliver at your doorstep without any hassle.

Composition of Damiagra Drops

Damianna Q 15%
Yohimbinum Q 15%
Acid Phosphoricum 3x 10%
Lycopodium 6x 10%
Agnus Castus 6X 10%
Caladium Seguinum 6X 10%
Selenium 12X 5%

Dosage for Damiana Drops

15-20 drops in one fourth cup of water 2 times a day.

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