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Breasts enhance the beauty of a woman. Breasts are made up of tissues and do not have any muscles. Women can enhance the size of breast by exercise. Exercise not only helps to increase size of the breast but also provide firmness to the breasts. Exercise is a natural way to keep the proper shape and size of the breasts. Generally women feel smaller size of the breast after child birth or when stop giving lactation to the child. Some women take breast enhancement products which have adverse effects on their body. Regular firming exercise can help to give proper shape and size to the breast. Exercise help in the development of breast muscles. It also provides strength to the tissues of the breasts. Some easy and simple exercises are given here in this article which may help women to increase bust line as well to maintain tonicity of breasts.

To begin with lie one a mat, hold some weight in both hands, raise your hands above the chest with weights in the hand, and slightly bend the elbow. Then bring the arms down to the sides stretched. Repeat this exercise several times for proper stretching of the muscles of the chest.

Stand a few feet away from the wall and press your hands against the wall. Take your body close to the wall when your hands oppose your motion. Touch your body with the wall and then release and come back to the original position. So this exercises 10-15 times. Stand straight with weights in hands. Elevate arms out and sideways. You can also form circles by keeping weights in hands. You can make few circles with maximum diameter to strengthen the chest muscles. You can do this exercise both in clockwise as well as anti-clockwise direction.

Stand straight on the ground. Take your arms behind your back with fingers interlocked with each other. Bend forward and raise your arms backwards to stretch the muscles of the chest. Remain in this position for few seconds till you feel tired and then come to the original position. Do this exercise 3-5 times.

Sit on a chair with straight back. Keep your arms on the sides. Take small weights in your hands and slowly raise your arms. Hold in this position for few seconds and then come back to the original position. Repeat this process 5-7 times. These simple and easy exercises can greatly help women to maintain the firmness and tonicity of the breast muscles. It is not necessary to take any remedies for breast enlargement. Firming exercise is a natural solution for breast enlargement and for keeping breast in proper shape and size. It is easy to do these exercises regularly. These exercises are safe and effective way of increasing breast size and giving firmness to the breasts. Women who want to increase their breast size without taking any remedies can do these exercises regularly to maintain tonicity and firmness of their breasts. By doing these exercise they can provide strength to the breast muscles which make them strong and firm.
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