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Breasts are the part of female body that makes them attractive. Beautiful rounded, well shaped breasts attract men. They are part of female body used in sexual stimulation or used to excite a woman during sexual activity. The size and shape of the breast should be proper, that is neither too large nor too small to add beauty to the woman. Breasts start developing in young girls at the pubertal age and suddenly increase in size after menarche. Development of breasts is also related to production of female hormones during puberty. Hormonal imbalance leads to ill shaped breast and it diminishes the growth of the breasts.

Women can attain proper size and shape of the breasts by taking proper care of the breasts. There are few ways which can be taken by women for proper growth of breasts. The simplest way to give proper shape and size to the breasts is to wear a correct bra. It is very important to wear right size of the bra that fits into your breast completely. Too small bra or big size bra does not support your breast properly which may distort the shape of your breasts.

A woman should choose proper dress to wear. It is not recommended to wear too tight clothes as they do not give proper shape to your breasts.

Nursing mothers should take care of their breasts because they have to feed the child as well as to maintain the integrity of skin around the nipples which tend to break while nursing the child. Regular application of moisturizer cream is a good way to remove dryness of the skin around the breast nipples. Cold shower also makes skin healthy.

Exercise is a good way for keeping proper shape and size of the breasts. Breasts exercise once or twice a week gives proper shape to your breasts as well as provide strength to the muscles of the breasts.

Proper nutrition is a best way to get good and beautiful breasts. Proteins are very helpful in providing nutrition to the developing breasts. Therefore, young girls should take enough proteins for building new breast cells that give proper size and shape to the breasts. Do not take too much fat as it can make your breasts excessively larger in size.

Many natural products are also available in the market that helps to provide proper nutrition to the breast skin and helps in the proper development of breasts. Regular massaging of breasts with these natural creams helps a woman to get firm and good shaped breasts. These natural creams are made up of natural herbs which are traditionally believed to be helpful in providing proper nutrition to the breast cells. Some of the important natural products recommended to get beautiful breasts are:
  • St.Herb Breast Cream
  • Nano Breast Cream
  • St.Herb Breast Mask
  • St. Herb Breast Spray

These natural products consist of important herbs which are found to be effective for providing proper nutrition to the breast tissues. These are useful, natural products that do not produce any side effects even if used for a longer period of time. Some women get help by using external application only whereas some may require internal medication as well to increase breast size.
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