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AT 200 Tablets

SBL has produced several useful products for different ailments and AT 200 is one of them. AT 200 tablets is formulated by research team of SBL which is a known company in the manufacture of unique homeopathic products.

In our daily life we come across many difficulties and while moving on the road we remain cautious but sometimes we met with an accident and get injury to bones. AT 200 tablets is a homeopathic product, joint pain relief supplement, which is recommended for recovery of any injury due to any truama or accident. AT 200 tablets, being best osteoporosis medication can be taken for pains in any bones or joints.

AT 200 tablets is a combination of time tested homeopathic remedies that are believed to support the joints and bones and help in giving strength to ligaments and cartilages thus reducing any pain. AT 200 tablets provide natural mineral supplements to joints pain relief and helps in growing of the bones. Some people also suffer from regular pain in bones after some accident or trauma.

These people can take AT 200 tablets to get rid of long standing pain. AT 200 also helps in reducing symptoms of inflammation such as redness, burning and pain in any part of the body. AT 200 tablets are recommended for all and any kind of bone injury.
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Advantages of AT 200

AT 200 is a comprehensive combination of effective, safe and natural homeopathic remedies that helps in getting rid of any kind of pains in bones and joints. AT 200 helps in quick recovery of damaged bony tissue and gives relief from pain and swelling.

The ingredients of AT 200 tablets make it best osteoporosis medication because are well chosen to support normal functioning of bones and joints. AT 200 can be regularly taken after middle age to strengthen bones and joints. AT 200 is prepared from homeopathic remedies so it is natural and do not produce any side effects. At 200 proves to be a boon for people suffering from gout or arthritis. At 200 helps in reducing pain and inflammation of the joints in people suffering from gout and arthritis. It can be safely used for a longer period of time as it is made up of natural homeopathic remedies and do not produce any kind of side effects.

Indications for AT 200

If a person gets a fracture in any bone he/she can start taking AT 200 tablets for natural union of bones. AT 200 helps to support the formation of bony tissues naturally thus helping in recovering from after effects of accident or trauma. AT 200 is also recommended for any sprains, backache and osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis is a common problem in women after menopause. Women can start taking AT 200 tablets after menopause to get rid of osteoporosis and symptoms associated with joints pains. In some parts of the body it is difficult to put plaster. In such cases AT 200 tablets work wonderfully as it helps in the growth of healthy bony tissue thus leading to reunion of the bone.


Bone and joint problems are found in day to day’s life with every second person. There are different types of bone and joint problems, one of them is naturally due to aging and other health factors; the second type is due to the accidents or traumas we meet in your lifetime. Herbal cure guide provides an effective natural homeopathic remedy AT200 tablets for quick recovery giving back pains relief. Made with time tested and an ultimate product prepared by SBL solely for joint diseases

Causes of bones and joint problems:

We at Herbal cure guide dispense a great treasure of homeopathic natural remedy for bone and joint pains caused by accidents, traumas, gout, and arthritis. Many a times when people meet an accidents or traumas due to which they suffer from bone fractures, AT200 tablets are very effective medication for quick recovery. Apart from them there are other natural bone and joint problems like back pains, gout, arthritis, sprains, backache and osteoporosis. Many a times it leaves impact on the overall health.

Joint and bone problems persist for a long time depending on the causes, but not to worry it does take time but you need to have patience for the recovery to take place. Do not get disheartened, keep your cool. At times it is not possible that you will get the immediate results. The process might take time.AT200 helps in reducing the symptoms of redness, pain and other burning in any part of your body and rapid recovery of damaged bone tissues giving relief from swelling and pain, strengthening ligaments and cartilages reducing pain.

Juggling between busy schedules Women suffer from bone and joint pain due to many reasons like backaches, joint and muscles pain, arthritis. Osteoporosis is a very frequent problem in them especially after menopause their muscles and joints become fickle due to reduce in calcium level in blood, long working hours and less resting time.

Many times it is not possible to apply plaster, providing good growth to healthy bone tissues essential to assembling of the bone.

Overcome your Problems with Osteoporosis Medications

Regular intake of AT200 tablets can help you heal your joint and muscles problems at the earliest. You can maintain good life for your bones and muscle joints by regular light exercises and physical workouts. Proper diet with good doses of calcium can further strength your bones. Avoid aerated drinks and other junk food for healthy life.

Children suffering from Osteoporosis and other weak bone problems can also intake the supplements of AT200 which are free from all side effects. Best alternate for middle age people for strengthening of bones and muscles. The Most adequate homeopathic remedy for muscle and joint pain relief.

Composition of AT 200

Arnica Montana 200, Hypericum Perforatum 200, Ledum Palustre 200, Rhus Toxicodendron 200, Ruta Graveolens 200, Symphytum Officinale 200, Bellis Perennis 200.

Dosage of AT 200 Tablets

Adults :
4 AT 200 (AT-TABS) Tablets every four hours or four times a day.

Children : 2 AT 200 (AT-TABS) Tablets every four hours or four times a day or as advised by the physician.

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