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Tulsi (Holy Basil)
TulsiTulsi is an important herb used in almost all Indian houses and is worshipped. Tulsi has been used since ancient times for various problems as a natural solution. Tulsi is an important ingredient of many ayurvedic remedies. Tulsi has given very good results in people suffering from respiratory infections as helpful to boost immune system

Tulsi tea works as natural remedy for cough and so is used as a preventing against recurrent attacks of same and supports like common cold cure. Tulsi not only helps in respiratory diseases but it also helps in giving relief from bloating of abdomen and gas formation. It helps to increase appetite and keep digestive organs in optimum health. It acts on the digestive organs and supports them to function normally.

Tulsi also helps your body to get rid of toxic substances. Tulsi naturally helps to boost up immunity and prevents against infection. Tulsi also helps to get rid of chronic cough when taken along with honey. Tulsi is an excellent herb to bring out effective metabolism in your body.
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Health Benefits of Tulsi

Tulsi is a well-known herb for its medicinal benefits. Tulsi is an important herb that is used to prevent any respiratory problem. Tulsi is a very good herb in winters which may be used alone or along with honey to prevent any infection of the chest. Tulsi helps to remove mucus from the chest and gives immediate relief from chronic cough as remedy.

Tulsi also acts on digestive organs and helps in metabolism of different nutrients. Tulsi also acts as a blood thinning agent and lowers blood cholesterol. Tulsi is a wonderful herb for detoxifying liver and blood of harmful chemicals. It naturally helps to build up the immunity to fight against infection and works like common cold cure. Tulsi also helps to remove dead and worn out cells from the body.

In winters children suffer from respiratory infections and to prevent recurrent respiratory infections in children during winters, Tulsa tea is regularly given in Indian households. Tulsi has proved to be a wonderful remedy for digestive ailments. Tulsi acts as an antioxidant to remove harmful cells from the body and formation of new cells. It helps to rejuvenate your body cells and helps you to look younger and brighter.

Indications for Tulsi drops
  • Respiratory infections
  • Chronic cough
  • Asthma
  • Digestive ailments

Tulsi is traditionally believed to act upon respiratory system and prevent any infection. It is recommended to be the best natural remedy for people suffering from long standing cough. If they drink tulsi tea or use tulsi with honey they will get immediate relief from cough.

It helps to repair the damaged mucous membrane of the respiratory tract and helps in preventing accumulation of mucus in the chest. Tulsi has also proved to be a beneficial natural solution for people suffering from any kind of digestive ailment. It helps to get rid of bloating sensation in the abdomen, increasing appetite, increasing metabolism, constipation etc.

Tulsi is also recommended for people with high blood cholesterol as it helps in metabolism of fats. Thus, tulsi is a single natural herb that helps to boost up your immunity and prevent your body against any infection.

Dosage of Tulsi

In order to gain the complete benefits of this healthy herb, you must take the tulsi on a routine basis. For diabetics, it is recommended to take 2.5 grams of powdered tulsi every morning. You can also utilize it by making tea of dried leaves three times in a day.

Tulsi: Sacred plant in Hinduism

Tulsi or holy basin is considered as the sacred plant in Hinduism belief. Hindus called it as the reflection of the goddess tulsi. They used to worship it in the morning and the evening. Many Hindus prefer to have tulsi plant in their homes in the form of special pots or tiny masonry structure. In tradition term, it is supposed to be planted in the middle of the courtyard of Hindus homes. There are two types of basils, one is dark tulsi which is used for medicinal purposes and the other is shyama tulsi which is used for worshipping. The presence of the basil plant is a religious symbol in the Hindu family and their household activities are incomplete without the presence of the plant in their home. Many families have well built structure of plant with the installation of the deities on all the four sides. There is a famous temple in Varanasi, where the tulsi is worshipped along with other god and goddesses of the Hindus.

Tulsi: As an Elixir

Along with the religious importance, the herb also plays a significant role in the medicinal field and is considered as a supreme herb in the treatment of Ayurvedic. It is composed of powerful aroma and a demanding taste, which acts as “the elixir of life “and promotes longevity. The extracts of the plants helps in curing cough treatment, cold remedies and many illnesses like inflammation, stomach related issues, headache and many more. The plant is also best fit for the purification of the atmosphere and also performs the functions as repulsive to flies, mosquitoes and various harmful insects. It also used as herbal remedy to treat malaria fever which may prove dangerous, if not treated early. It is having numerous benefits ranging from the skin clearing till the dissolving the kidney stones. We can say it is the best tonic for the whole body. You need not have to take any other medicine, if you are consuming the tulsi in right direction and on daily basis.

Precaution to be Used while Taking the Supplement

Holy basil leaves are meant to be safe when consumed by mouth for a short duration say up to 6 weeks. It is not sure for safe long term results.

Pregnant women need to be aware while taking the supplement. They should avoid its consumption during the pregnancy as there may be chances of bleeding as a result of taking the basil product. Even, the breast feeding women also need to be careful not to make use of the product at that time.

Avoid its consumption during the surgery, there may be chance of slow blood clotting and increase the bleeding risks. So, it’s better to stop using the basil leaves for at least 2 weeks.

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