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Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is also known as Gokshura in common language. It is a natural Ayurvedic herb that is found to be effective for increasing libido and treating men erectile dysfunction treatment and urogenital problems in both men and women. Tribulus Terrestris is a natural herb that is beneficial in treating different sexual problems in men and women as well and helps to prevent urinary infection. It also helps to provide energy to the sports persons.

This natural herb acts on the sexual organs and help in their proper functioning. This is recommended for men suffering from low libido, sexual dysfunctions, low energy, erectile dysfunction, impotency, premature ejaculation etc. because are an effective natural male libido enhancer. This natural herb is traditionally used for the preparation of Ayurvedic remedies because of its numerous benefits. Tribulus Terrestris acts as a natural tonic for different organs such as liver, kidneys, heart, urinary organs etc.

It is a powerful sex booster as it provides energy to the cells. Tribulus Terrestris is a natural herb that is used since ages for different sexual problem in men and women. It is a natural herb and does not produce any side effects.
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Advantages of Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris is indicated for different health problems. It is a single herb that may be used for treating health problems related to different organs of the body. The main action of this herb is on genital organs where it provides energy and also helps in boosting the sexual functions. It is a great herb known to enhance the sexual capability of men and treating erectile dysfunction naturally without producing any side effects.

Problems related to urinary organs like urinary infections can also be successfully treated by using this herb regularly. This herb is proved to be very beneficial for athletes who require much energy and stamina for their performance. It is a natural herb and is not habit forming. Tribulus Terrestris can be easily taken for a longer period of time as it is natural herb and does not produce any side effects.
Indications for Tribulus Terrestris
  • Enhancing libido and orgasms
  • Diseases of Uro-genital system
  • Provides energy and stamina
  • Enhances sexual behavior
  • Enhancing male libido and orgasms naturally

Tribulus Terrestris is a natural herb indicated for various health problems. It is indicated for men and women suffering from sexual problems. This natural herb helps to increase libido and also enhances orgasms. In men it helps to treat premature ejaculation which may result due to weakness of penile muscles.

This herb is also known to improve sexual behavior in men and women. Tribulus Terrestris also enhances the libido in both men and women. It is an excellent herb for diseases related to uro-genital system. Regular intake of this herb helps to prevent recurrent urinary infection. Regular intake helps to prevent pain and burning while urinating.

This natural herb provides energy and strength to the people who are good in sports and require extra strength and energy for good performance. Tribulus Terrestris naturally helps to build up the immunity of the body to prevent recurrent infection. Tribulus Terrestris is a single known herb that is known to improve overall health without producing any side effects.

Low libido is a common problem in men and women. Men also suffer from low sex drive. This is one of the major causes of male sexual dysfunction. There are different causes for low sex drive in men. Ageing is the most important cause of low libido. But there are many older men who are robust enough to perform the sexual activity with full interest. It varies from person to person. Some men feel lazy and have low sexual interest. It is important to determine the cause of the low sexual drive in men. Men should use appropriate therapies to get the right treatment. Natural remedies can be used for the treatment of low sexual drive. Some useful home remedies are given here to increase low libido in men. Tribulus Terrestris is an important herb to increase low libido in men. It is a natural male libido enhancer and also helps to improve male sexual dysfunction.

Causes of Low Sexual Drive in Men

Some of the common causes of low sexual drive in men are:
  • Stress and anxiety are the main causes of low sexual drive in men. Some men have relationship problems and family problems that may lead to low sexual drive. Mental disorders are also the common causes of low libido.
  • Medical problems such as high blood pressure, obesity, intake of prescription remedies can also affect the sexual drive in men.
  • Hormonal imbalance can also lead to low sexual drive in men or can result in male sexual dysfunction. Low levels of testosterone are the major cause of sexual problems in men.
Home Remedies to Increase Low Libido in Men

Some useful home remedies are given here that may help to enhance male libido:
  • Fenugreek seeds are very useful for improving male libido. You may soak two or three spoonfuls of fenugreek seeds in water over night. Drink this water in the morning. You can also make a paste of fenugreek seeds and eat it every day with a glass of hot milk to improve low libido.
  • Celery is also an important food to improve male libido it is an effective male libido enhancer. You can eat celery raw to get the best results.
  • Oysters are also good for increasing male libido. Oysters are rich sources of zinc and help to increase the testosterone level. It helps to balance the hormonal levels in blood.
  • Banana is the best food for men to improve sexual functions. Men suffering from low libido should eat one or two bananas everyday to improve sexual drive. Bananas are rich in vitamins and other minerals and help to boost up the energy.
  • Avocados are also very useful for improving the male sexual drive. Avocados are rich in fibre and also provide folic acid to the body. They are rich in vitamin 6 and potassium and help to enhance male libido.
  • Almonds are also important to increase the male libido. Almonds provide essential vitamins and minerals and help to balance the hormones. You can eat raw almonds or you can make a paste and add it in your milk to boost up energy.
  • Figs are also good food for improving sexual stamina in men. Figs help to increase libido. You can eat fresh figs or drink juice to improve your stamina and to boost up your energy.

Dosage of Tribulus Terrestris

It is recommended to take 1 -2 Capsules twice a day after meal

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