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Shallaki (Boswellia serrata)

neem Shallaki is a well know natural herb that is traditionally believed to be a wonderful remedy for inflammation in any part of the body. Shallaki is recommended for inflammation of bones and joints.

Therefore, shallaki is proved to be a beneficial remedy for people suffering from arthritis and gout. Shallaki naturally helps in reducing pain and swelling of the affected joint. It can be regularly taken by people suffering from inflammation of any body part without getting any adverse effects.

Shallaki is an excellent energy booster as it helps to rejuvenate the body cells thus increasing the capacity of work. Shallaki naturally helps to increase strength of the joints and helps in people who face difficult in muscular movement due to weak bones and joints.

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Health benefits of Shallaki

Shallaki is known in ayurveda for it anti-inflammatory, anti-infective and vast number of other health benefits. The most important health benefit of shallaki is reducing signs and symptoms of inflammation in any part of the body.

It helps in normal functioning of the muscles and joints thus giving relief from arthritis and gout. People who suffer from backache for a long time due to any reason may take shallaki for a longer period of time to get permanently rid of long standing backache in short period of time.

Shallaki not only helps to remove inflammation and infection of joints but it also helps in treating inflammation of gastric mucosa thus giving relief in gastric ailments. Another important health benefit of Shallaki is respiratory infections. Any kind of recurrent respiratory infection can be surely treated by taking shallaki.

It can be given for people of all ages, even to children in small doses as it is safe and natural product and do not have any side effects. Skin infections are also well treated with Shallaki. Shallaki helps to remove redness and burning of skin within a short period of time.
Indications for Shallaki

shallaki Shallaki is indicated for people suffering from various infections and inflammations of body. Shallaki is a very good herbal remedy for people suffering from arthritis and gout as it helps in giving relief from pain, redness and swelling of affected joints.

It also helps to build up a strong immunity to prevent recurrent episodes of inflammation of joints. Shallaki gives a permanent solution for recurrent attacks of inflammation and infection of any part of the body.Shallaki is a wonderful remedy for gastrointestinal infections.

It reduces pain in the stomach due to indigestion and helps in proper digestion and metabolism of food.Shallaki also helps in getting of recurrent respiratory infections. It is a wonderful herbal remedy for cold, cough and asthmatic attacks. It provides a strong immunity against infective organisms and prevents recurrent episodes of infection.

Shallaki is recommended for people suffering from skin infections such as acne, dermatitis. Shallaki naturally helps to rejuvenate skin cells by providing sufficient oxygen and giving glowing appearance to your skin.

Shallaki as a Natural Herb for Arthritis

The most supreme natural herb for maintaining and managing the pain and the effective joint health is known to be as “Shallaki”. All the skeletons and the joint muscles in the body are fully taken care of by the supplement. Nowadays, half of the population is suffering from the problem of joint pains and they are unable to get relief from the pains in their body. The only need is to make consumption of the Shallaki supplements in a most prescribed manner. It is just a miracle in removing all the pains from the root by natural joint pain relief. It is away 100% Natural treatment and far away from the use of any chemicals in it. The supplements are utilized as an anti-arthritic and anti-inflammatory product. Due to the presence of the anti-inflammatory properties, it helps in reducing the swelling, joint restoration, pain relief and many more.

The supplements of the Shallaki were given to thirty persons for about 8 weeks in order to check its evidences. After a few days, the patients showed a significant reduction in their pain and the swelling part. Arthritis can become a serious problem, but with the proper herbal remedies, it can be controlled effectively. It is considered as a Natural Arthritis treatment and its significant results can be shown within 10-15 days after its use. Arthritis is a crippling issue which leads to the destruction of the joints and will cause massive disability.

The field of Ayurveda is extraordinary in treating the dreadful problem and many patients are showing tremendous improving after having the Ayurvedic treatment of the diseases. The Shallaki tree consists of resins which are purified and then utilized for inflammation and pain. The supplement is also known as Salai Guggulu in Hindi as it consists of the similar properties like the Guggulu. It makes the bone more strong by repairing its tissues and provides all the essential minerals required for the growth of the bones. Its performance has been clinically tested with 100% satisfaction and guaranteed product. Once you start taking dose of the supplement, you will definitely feel a change in your body and its functionality.

Shallaki as a Great Joint Pain Relief Treatment

All the joint and the muscular problems such as fibrositis, lower back problems and many more are controlled by the Shallaki supplements. It is a long tern therapy and does not contain any side effects. The persons of all age groups can take this supplement without any worry and side effects. You can also practice yoga, along with the use of Shallaki. It will add an extra benefit for your health and body. For healthy life, avoid using junk and oily food that are considered as the main root of all the problems. Your sitting posture should be straight and not in any curved position.

While using the supplement, always keep in mind that Shallaki is a natural herb for arthritis containing natural ingredients only and feel free to use it without any unwanted effects.

Dosage of Shallaki

One capsule two times a day after meals

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