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Karela Karela is a vegetable used in every Indian house hold. In Ayurveda karela has been used since ages for the preparation of different medicinal products that help to treat many diseases.

Karela is traditionally believed to be an important herb for controlling blood sugar in human body. Ayurvedic medicines that are prepared from karela help to treat diseases naturally without producing any side effects.

Karela helps to control blood glucose naturally. It is proved to be a boon for patients suffering from high glucose levels. Karela is known to be a wonderful product for the purification of the blood and increasing immunity to prevent any infection.

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Health Benefits of Karela

Karela has large number of health benefits due to which it is used in every Indian house hold in the form of vegetable. It can be taken in the form of juice and also can be eaten in the raw form.

Karela controls blood sugar and prevents the development of diabetes. People suffer from diabetes when pancreas either produces less insulin or no insulin. Such people have to take artificial insulin for the metabolism of sugar in the body. Karela is a natural herbal and safe remedy for controlling blood sugar. Karela has anti infective and anti microbial properties it helps to purify blood and remove toxic substances from our body. It helps to rejuvenate the skin cells thus giving a glowing appearance.

Karela is also recommended for people suffering from gastric ailments. It helps in proper digestion and metabolism of food. Karela is a known antioxidant thus removing harmful cells from our body. It has proved to be a very good natural herbal remedy for heart ailments as it helps in thinning of the blood. Karela is an excellent remedy for skin diseases because of its property of purification of blood.
Indications for Karela

karela The most important indication for the use of karela is high blood sugar. It has proved to be an excellent herb for controlling blood sugar in people suffering from diabetes. Due to its property of helping of metabolism of sugar it naturally controls blood sugar.

Another indication for karela is in people suffering from different skin diseases such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis because it helps in the purification of the blood.

Karela is a wonderful herbal remedy indicated for people suffering from heart diseases such as high blood pressure, myocardial infarction etc as it helps in thinning of blood

Karela is indicated for digestive problems such as constipation, indigestion, pain in stomach, loss of appetite, gas formation, liver disorders etc. It helps in the metabolism of food and prevents problems arising due to indigestion. Karela is recommended for liver disorders. It also helps to control blood cholesterol level as helps liver in the metabolism of fat. Thus, karela is proved beneficial for people who are overweight as it helps in reducing weight. Karela is also proved helpful in women suffering from menstrual disorders.

It reduces pain, heaviness of breast, mood swings that happen due to hormonal changes in women. Thus, due to its effective action on all organs of the body, karela is a complete remedy for every member of your family.

Karela as a Best Supplement for Diabetes

You all must know about the immense benefits of the karela in treating the disease of the diabetes in a more effective manner. Some people don’t like the supplement because of its bitter taste. But, they don’t know the value of the bitter taste. Blood sugar supplements is just a boon for killing the various diseases from our body. The product consists of two compounds such as charatin and momordicin which are considered as the key elements and helps in reducing the blood sugar level. It is also full of anti oxidant that helps the body to fight against different disease with the help of free radicals. The plant’s seeds are packed with the insulin known as polypeptide –P that reduces the production of the insulin. If you are suffering from how to lower blood sugar and are not taking Kerala juice, then there may be chances of the rise in blood sugar level which leads to many serious problems.

The best method to have the Kerala is to consume it in the form of a juice on an empty stomach. For reducing the bitter taste, cut the Kerala including the skin and the seeds put some salt and haldi on it and soak them in water for 15 minutes. Along with its use as a food ingredient, it is used as a diabetes natural remedies with its anti-diabetic properties. It also contains an element called Lectin which helps in lowering the blood glucose level by taking actions on the peripheral tissues. A large number of scientific evidences have been created for the evaluation of the bitter melon on treating the diabetes disease. In India, the diabetes disease is arising at an alarming rate. Even the gestational diabetes affects the baby too. And nobody likes to takes the medicine daily.

There is a need to change your life style and food habits in order to reduce the risks of the diabetes. Even, if you don’t like bitter things but keep in mind, it is far better than taking medicines daily and will provide you relief from the deadly disease forever. There are many ways which you can use in taking the bitter gourd. You can have the juice of it on an empty stomach. You can make stuffed karela and take them as a snack. This will not only bring change in your food habits but also makes your body healthy and fit.

Precautions to be used while taking Karela:

When you used the karela for a short time, it will be beneficial. Long term safety is not known.

Pregnancy and breast feeding: The karela will be not safe when taken by mouth during pregnancy. Various chemicals in the product may cause menstrual bleeding. It is also not recommended to use during breast feeding.

Surgery: Try not to use bitter melon at least 2 weeks before a surgery.

G6PD deficiency: People with the deficiency of G6PD may lead to the condition of “Favism” which cause tired blood including headache, stomach pain, fever and Coma in certain conditions.

Dosage of Karela

30 ml once daily in the morning empty stomach

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