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Is There Any Link Between Eating Breakfast And Putting On Excessive Weight?

Breakfast is known as one of the most important meals you have taken whole day. Those who want to stay fit should never make a mistake of skipping breakfast but in fact eating it daily is a health friendly option. Some researches even said that frequency of eating breakfast and chances in body weight are linked together. If you are taking healthy diet and herbal supplements for weight loss as a breakfast then you are more likely to be fit.

Persons who take a healthy breakfast daily are physically more active and fit compared to those who skip this important meal and the role of this first meal of the day is more important for those who are adolescence. Breakfast eaters mostly gained less weight and have less body mass index (BMI) as compared to those who are not taking this meal. Another study says that about 24% children have become healthy as compare to those who skip breakfast. If you are on the target to lose weight then start eating healthy nutritious food along with exercises.

A new study conclude that people who eat regularly herbal supplements for weight loss in your breakfast then are less likely to suffer by diabetes and obese as compare to those who skip this important meal. If you are taking whole grain cereals and nutritious foods like fresh fruits and green vegetables in breakfast then you will become healthy. Also, such foods, keep you full for a long time. There is a common myth that if you skip the breakfast you can lose several pounds but this is not true but you will be surprised to know if you are skipping this you are more likely to be overweight, and have higher risk of heart attack.

Your body burns calories and this is known as metabolism. Also, when you skip a meal, your body directly goes to starvation mode and at that time bodyís natural response is to conserve calories and that food is stored which is consumed as fat. If this kind of dieting persists, then changes in hormones took place and metabolic disorders also take place which made it very difficult to maintain a healthy weight. In some of this kind of cases body started to break down muscles to get fuel. In this procedure of protein broke nitrogen releases which quickly washed out the body with water which releases from tissue cells. Thus, weight reduces. This loss is quickly replaced when you drink water but that muscle which you have chosen canít be overcome anyhow.

If you are eating breakfast then it is the best way to rev the metabolism, it provides more energy and thus reduce weight. So, everyone must strive for an increased that you can easily get by eating breakfast and doing regular exercise. So, all the latest diets prescribed by dietician suggested to eat 5 meals (includes 3 meals with 2 snacks) and they give breakfast an important place.

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