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Guggul (Lower Cholesterol Level)

Guggul is a comprehensive Ayurvedic herbal product that is traditionally believed to be beneficial in lowering cholesterol level. Guggul has been used since ages for fat metabolism in our body and preventing liver disorders. High cholesterol is a cause of heart diseases, thus, it also helpful in preventing heart diseases by lowering blood cholesterol level.

Guggul helps in metabolism of fat and thus prevents accumulation of the same in blood capillaries. Guggul is proved to be a well know product for the normal functioning of the heart. It acts as a natural tonic for heart cells and muscles thus giving it strength to fight against any heart disease. Guggul is a natural herbal remedy; therefore, it is absolutely safe and does not produce any side effects even if it is taken for a longer period of time.

Guggul can be started at any age as it helps to keep your heart healthy and prevent you from heart diseases in later age.

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Health benefits of Guggul

Guggul is recommended for its unmatched health benefits. Guggul helps to provide a healthy heart by its regular intake. It reduces the thickness of blood and increases blood supply to all organs of our body for their normal functioning.

Guggul is also a natural remedy for maintaining optimum health of your liver. Liver is an important organ that helps in digestion and fat metabolism. Guggul helps in increasing appetite and reduces gastric discomfort naturally. Guggul also helps to prevent deposition of unwanted fat in the body thus preventing obesity. Guggul is a wonderful natural product for people who are overweight due to excessive intake of fats.

Guggul also proved to be beneficial in normal functioning of the thyroid gland thus helping in metabolism of different nutrients of our food.

Indications for Guggul

Guggul is a suitable remedy for people with high blood cholesterol level and other health problems related to it. Guggul is traditionally found to be helpful in normal functioning of the thyroid gland and optimum metabolism. Guggul is a natural beneficial herbal remedy for people suffering from hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism. It helps to bring down the normal levels of thyroid hormones.

Guggul is also suited for people suffering from liver disorders and gastric problems arising from disturbance in metabolism. It prevents hiccoughs, loss of appetite, gas formation and acidity.

Guggul is also useful in people suffering from inflammation of any part of the body. It helps people suffering from arthritis and gout to get relief from redness, pain and swelling.

Guggul helps in reducing weight naturally without producing any side effects as it a natural herbal product. People who suffer from obesity can take this product to burn extra fat from their body.

Recent research has shown that Guggul also acts on cancer forming cells and helps in treating benign tumours of any part of the body that may arise due to accumulation of fat cells.
Thus, guggul can be widely used for its important health benefits without getting any side effects.

Interesting facts about Guggul

Guggul is one of the prominent plants, belonging to the Burseraceae family in the Ayurveda field which is used for various medicinal purposes. The study of Ayurveda states that the plant is utilized for the treatment of various problems such as gout, obesity, cystitis, tumors, heart related issues and many others. The origins of the plant take place in the region of northern Asia or central Asia. At present, it is also grown in India for different types of medicinal treatments. The plants are having the capabilities to flourish even in the less water containing area; hence we can say that the Guggul is really forbearing in nature. The development of the plant ranges from the small to medium sized tree with the length of 4m. In the modern world, the resinous sap derived from the guggul tree is well managed and purified and then regulation of the product takes place for two active compounds known as Z and E Guggulsterones which includes anti-inflammatory properties and effectively used for treating various chronic diseases.

How the Guggul works?

Guggul is regarded as the best supplements - how to lower cholesterol level for making your heart a happy heart by its smart techniques. The scientific studies are the best alternatives from where we can judge the effectiveness of the product. Similarly, the evidence of the early studies states that the consumption of the Guggul will help "how to prevent heart disease" in lowering the Cholesterol level and LDL.

The utilization of the Guggul will lower the two blood factors like Lipoprotein and C-reactive protein which are having a strong connection with the heart disease and the inflammations. This strategy makes this valuable herb as an aid in how to lower cholesterol prevailing in the day to day life. It is always recommended to buy the product that contains high potency and the complete natural extracts. Personal verification of the product label is very much essential for the safety of the public.

Precautions to be taken before using the Guggul

If you are taking the Guggul on regular basis, then its better that you should know some facts beforehand such as

  • If the product is not prescribed by the doctor, then it’s better to take it after having food.
  • Guggul does not contain any drug interactions, so the people who are prone to drugs should be careful for taking the product.
  • Its better option if the product is not used in excess. Sometimes, over dosage creates problems like weakness, body dryness, night blindness and many other factors.
  • Pregnant women should not make use of the Guggul as it contains a uterine stimulant promoting the menstrual discharge.
  • The thyroid patient should consult the doctor before consumption of the guggul.
  • Patients suffering from the liver issues will take the product only under the guidance of the doctor.
  • Never take the guggul along with the birth control pills. It will leads to some major side effects in the body.

Dosage of Guggul

1 to 2 capsules in a day two times a day after meals.

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