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Calorie Chart Need To Be Prepared For Losing Weight

Whenever you are going to select a diet plan you need to consider what is good or bad for your eating plan. For starting any of the plans, you need to be assured that you are going to take a well-balanced nutritious diet. As this is your goal to lose those extra pounds of calories and using fat burning and weight loss supplements is necessary to assist you in that. For getting the goal first you need to follow the below mentioned guidelines.

Guidelines For Cost Free Weight Loss Plans

  • Rather taking three large meals a day, you have to break down those 3 meals in 4-6 small meals or snacks every day.
  • You neednít to specify some things in your diet. In the starting or learning stage you can just eat foods that are less in calories and also note down how much calories you are taking through whole dayís meal.
  • Eat slowly and chew it properly.
  • The food selection should be healthy as you have to eat vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, beans, non-fatty dairy products, skinless poultry and fish.
  • You have to avoid taking foods that have high calorie counts and also which are high in fats.
  • Some of the avoidable foods include pies, candies, pastries, candy bars.
  • Also, remember one thing, donít eat same thing daily as you have to eat a variety of fruits and vegetables for getting all nutrition. In starting, you can take 5 types of fruit and vegetables daily.
  • Some of the avoidable foods include pies, candies, pastries, candy bars.

Diet Plan One Has to Follow- below mentioned is a diet plan which if you follow will provide you an average of 1400 calorie. The list of food items are mentioned with the list of proteins, carbs, fats along with the calorie count in that particular food.

Breakfast- In your breakfast, you can take a cup of milk [having protein (4.00), carbs (5.50), fats (1.00) and so calories (50.00)] along with 1 pack of oatmeal (instant packed or maple) [having protein (4.50), carbs (31.60), fats (2.10) and so calories (152.00)]. This will provide 202 calories in whole breakfast.

AM Snack- You can have Bars having protein (26.00), carbs (52.00), fats (2.5) and so the total calories of the snacks are (320.00). Lunch- In lunch, you can have 1 chicken sandwich (preferred grilled) [having proteins (24.00), fats(13.00), carbs(37.00) and so calories(340.00)] along with 12 ounces of juice or any soft drink [having proteins (0.00), fats(0.00), carbs(0.40) and so calories(0.00)].

PM Snack- You can take 2 slices of whole wheat bread [having proteins(6.00), carbs (24.00), fats(2.00) and so calories(140)]along with 2 tsps of mayo[having proteins(0.32), carbs(8.42), fats(11.77) and thus calories (137.37) along with 2.5 ounces of tuna solid white water small can [having proteins(18.75), carbs(0.00), fats(0.90) and so calories(89.28)]. The total calorie count of the snack is 366.64.

Dinner- In your dinner, you can take 4 ounces of boiled halibut [ having proteins (22.50), Carbs(0.00), fats(3.00), so total calories (119.25)] along with Ĺ cup of steamed cooked rice [having proteins (3.00), carbs (31.00), fats (0.00) and calorie count is (82.00)] with Ĺ cup of mixed vegetables either frozen or boiled [having proteins (2.60), carbs(11.90), fats(0.10), and the calories(54.00)]. The total calorie count of whole dinner is 255.25. If we take the grand total of the whole daysí diet chart then it would be 1483.89.

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