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Brahmi (Bacopa)

Brahmi Brahmi is found to be an important herb used in the preparation of Ayurvedic remedies for brain. It is an excellent herbal remedy for increasing memory and supporting functioning of the brain. Brahmi is known for its valuable effect on brain cells which produces improvement in the memory and also helps to relieve stress.

Brahmi has been used since ancient times for increasing brain power, concentration and memory. Brahmi is traditionally believed to support normal functioning of the brain cells thus helping in reducing diseases associated with brain. Brahmi helps to give calmness to your mind thus reducing stress. Brahmi not only helps in improving brain functions but it also helps in the purification of blood thus removing toxic substances from the blood.

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Health benefits of Brahmi

As described above Brahmi is an excellent proven herb for normal functioning of the brain cells. It is a very useful natural herb for children with learning disabilities. It acts as a natural tonic for brain cells and helps in optimal functioning of the brain.

Brahmi can be started at any age and can be taken for a longer period of time to get maximum benefit. It is a natural herbal product and do not produce any side effects even if taken for a longer period of time. Brahmi is a natural stress reliever that helps to relieve stress and increase your work efficiency.

Daily intake of brahmi helps in relieving headache, vertigo and other symptoms associated with stress. Children who are studying can also take this product for memory enhancement and increasing concentration as it is a safe and natural product and do not have any unwanted effect. Brahmi helps in overall improvement of the health by boosting the immune system and purification of blood.
Indication for Brahmi

Brahmi Brahmi is indicated for people who suffer from poor memory, lack of concentration, poor co-ordination of the body parts due to weak nervous system, frequent headache, alopecia, dandruff etc. Brahmi is a very good and natural product for relieving stress and associated problems of day to day life. It naturally helps to boost the immunity and gives you energy to work without any strain.

Brahmi is also a very good remedy for heart problems. It helps in increasing blood supply to the heart and helps your heart to perform well in all activities of life. It helps to reduce blood pressure by increasing blood flow to the heart.

Brahmi is a very good choice for children who suffer from learning disabilities. Many children do not show good results even after lot of hard work due to poor memory and concentration. Brahmi can help such children as it helps in improving memory and concentration. Brahmi is also an excellent product for people who have to work for long hours in front of computer as it helps in nourishment to brain cells and eyes. It gives relief from strain of eyes after sitting for long hours in front of computer. Thus, brahmi is an excellent remedy for getting relief from day to day stress without producing any side effects.

Brahmi as a Brain Supplement

Brahmi has been using over a thousand of years as a medicine which acts as a tonic to improve the brain functionalities. It has grown on a large scale with its multiple benefits related to the health. The problem of stress and anxiety makes the learning and memory weak due to which a person is not able to remember and grasp the things easily. The product increases the activity of the nerve impulse within the brain. The active substance called Bacosides present in the product helps in promoting the brain health and functions. It is having calming effect in treating the disease Alzheimer and makes you a feeling of peace and calmness.

In case of any damage to the brain cells, the supplement can be used as an effective method to treat any brain related issues. It is just a wonderful brain supplement that relieves the person from various mental stress and worries. Start consuming the product and you will notice the drastic change in the intelligence level and mind alertness. You will no longer face any difficulty in remembering the things. Your learning capacity will definitely be increased along with the increase in mental concentration level. It has placed itself as a reputed and strong brain tonic which helps in improving memory and restores nervous systems. The practitioner has been using the brahmi herb for treating all types of disorders. The brain cells are restored and revitalized with the help of the herb.

People suffering from mental stress at workplace should also take this herbal tonic which will naturally help them in increasing the energy power and the improve memory power. It performs its functions by increasing the chemicals of the brain that are strong in thinking, learning and memory. Once you start consuming it on a regular basis, you will notice the results from ten to sixteen days. Its usage will not cause any side effects when you utilize it within a prescribed dose and with the consent of the doctor.

Precautions to be used while taking Brahmi

People should keep in mind some points while you start taking the Brahmi. The herb known as Brahmi is considered to be safe and secure when the person consumes the tonic with the advice of some health care provider.

  • It’s over dosage may cause nausea, mouth dryness and fatigue in muscles.
  • Do not consume the Brahmi if you are pregnant or nursing. If the women is taking oral contraceptives or any other therapy, she should avoid taking the tonic as there exists the interactions between the herb and the estrogen which may cause loss of hearing capacity.
  • If the person is suffering from thyroid disorder, stop taking the tonic as it can enhance the level of the thyroid hormone.

All we can say is that the consultation of doctor is must before taking any supplement whether herbal, Ayurvedic or any other. It is better option to take the dosage as prescribed by the experts or the doctors.

Dosage of Brahmi

1 to 2 capsules two times a day before meals.

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