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Amlaki Amalaki or popularly known as Amla is a well-known herbal product that has numerous medicinal properties. The main ingredient used in the preparation of amalaki is amla. Amla is a light green, round shaped fruit which is also eaten raw by some people as believed to be best indigestion treatment and for its uncountable benefits. Amla is traditionally believed to have different health benefits which make it an important ingredient of many Ayurvedic medicines. Amalaki is also a useful herbal product prepared for different health issues as it is a highly effective natural vitamin C supplement. Amla has antioxidant properties that helps to filter our blood and purifies it. Amla has other health benefits that make it a good choice for using it every day as helpful in immune system strengthening required as prevention against many diseases.
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Health benefits of Amla

Amla has numerous health benefits for which it may be found in every Indian home. Some of the important health benefits of amla are discussed here in this article:

Amla is a rich source of vitamin C which helps in the prevention of viral infections. Thus, amla helps to prevent viral infections such as cold, cough, allergic rhinitis, etc.

Amla has antioxidant properties that is it helps to purify our blood. It helps to remove dishonest cells from your body and makes our body free from its enemies.

Amla also helps in strengthening our immune system and prevents us from infection.

Amla is a very good herbal remedy for digestive disorders. It is helpful as best indigestion treatment, formation of excessive flatulence, helps to increase apetite, removes acidity and pain in stomach due to indigestion.

Amla is found to be an important herb for heart problems. It helps to maintain normal blood pressure in your body and helps heart to function normally. Thus, amla naturally helps to control blood pressure.

Amla provides nourishment to skin cells and thus helps in providing healthy and glowing skin.

Amla is also an important herb used since ages for getting healthy and beautiful hair. It is found to be an excellent product for rejuvenating hair cells and helps in the growth of long and beautiful hair.
Indications for Amalaki
Amla is a herbal remedy that may be indicated for various health problems.
  • Amla is indicated for various respiratory problems such as recurent cough and cold, asthma, allergic rhinitis etc.
  • Amla is also indicated for digestive disorders such as loss of apetite, excessive gas formation, pain in stomach, vomitting, nausea etc.
  • Another indication for amla is skin problems. Amla helps to rejuvenate skin cells and gives you glowing and healthy skin. It helps to prevent dryness of skin, eczema, psoriasis etc.
  • Amla is a good immune booster and helps to provide immunity against many infections.
  • Amla also prevents heart diseases such as angina, hypertension, increased pulse rate etc.
  • Amla helps to prevent premature greying of hair, dandruff and excessive hair fall.
  • Amla keeps you young forever by removing unwanted and damaged cells from your body.
Amalaki- The Ayurveda Herb For You

Amla or Amalaki is also known by the name of Indian gooseberry and is more like a fruit in green yellow color containing unlimited number of benefits. The Ayurvedic experts are utilizing this resource for treating various ailments without any side effects. It includes the nutritional components such as flavones, carotenoids and many more. Amla benefits as a rich vitamin C supplements and its percentage is much more found in Amla as compared to the other fruits. The indestructible ascorbic acid is there in the fruit which remains the same even after the burning or drying it. The herb is also called Rasayana herb which stimulates the conservation process. It is also used as an ingredient in the most famous compound Triphala and Chyvanprasha.

Properties of Amalaki

  • Anti oxidant factor
  • Strong revitalization process
  • Easy food digestion and absorption
  • Anti ageing properties
  • Cardio protective agent
  • Effective for Skin disorders
  • Avoid hair falling and hair graying problems
  • Energy generation to vital organs
  • Reduction in high blood pressure
  • Boost up the immune system
  • Helpful with cough and other respiratory problems
  • Solution for eye disorders
  • Immunomodulator
Precautions to be taken while Consuming the Product:

  • Try not to exceed more than the recommended daily dose, it may create some problems in the body.
  • The storage of the product is to be done in a cool and dry place which is far away from the children.
  • Many consumers give the advice that any treatments are to be used with proper care and with caution.
  • Some elements contained in the Amalaki are lead and mercury which leads to some bad experiences, if not consumed according to the guidance of the doctor.
  • The fruit is safe when we make consumption of it as regular fruit. Children should avoid its consumption as there is no proper recommended dose for them.
  • Pregnant and the breast feeding ladies also ignore the consumption of the products as it may lead to blood discharge from the vagina.
How Amalaki Boosts up the Immune System

According to the study of the doctors, stress is the main cause of maximum disease which may create bad physical and mental health and ultimately give rise to frequent cold and viral infections.

High stress level gives birth to weak immune system for which you have to suffer from some serious problems in your life. There are large number of techniques are available which helps in reducing the stress factor. The most reliable and Super food in the Ayurveda terms is known to be as Amalaki which proves to be a great rejuvenator and how to boost immune system from the weaker condition to the stronger one. It is having the potential to fight against the various inflammations occurring in the body and improves the overall health of the body with its strong vitality process. So, if stress from your life is removed, you will get your valuable life relaxed and fresh.
Dosage for Amalaki

One or two capsules should be taken twice in a day with meals. It can be taken regularly for a long time as it is absolutely natural and do not have any side effects.
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