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All You Wanted To Know About Diabetes

If you havenít yet deciphered that thereís a difference in type 1 and type 2 diabetes then it is high-time you do it. To be honest there is a difference and you must know what it is. Not only should you know whatís the difference you must also know what can be done to manage the different types. We will here tell you how to manage the disease. Letís start!

If you like almonds you can have them without worrying theyíll affect your sugar levels. Moreover, they are healthy food to eat with plenty of proteins, fiber and nutrients present in them. When you feel hungry fill a bowl with almond and take as a snack!

You can rustle up a sandwich into a lettuce wrap or simply use it on a burger like a bun; but have you tried preparing a hot dog wrap? If you eat hot dogs as an occasional treat wrap them in a bit of lettuce to turn them a little healthier.

One of the perfect ways to avoid diabetes is to exercise. Experts opine that just 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day, 5 times a week, lower diabetes risk by around 50 percent. Furthermore exercising makes your heart stronger, lowers stress, cuts fat, and fires your metabolism besides reducing blood sugar levels.

Another important tip especially for those who are diabetic is to eat a proper diet. A healthy diet includes lots of fruits, vegetables, lean protein, whole grains and dairy products with less fat. This diet ensures overall health for anybody but for diabetics itís even more important because it keeps blood sugar under control. If you follow this diet plan you can lose weight as well and thatís an added benefit.

If diabetes runs in your family then itís very important to prevent it before it raises its head. The best way to keep diabetes at bay is to start taking fiber. Foods with lots of fiber are fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains & nuts. By increasing intake of fiber rich foods your ability to control blood sugar increases, and thus you avoid getting diabetes. Fill up your plate with fiber rich foods and youíll never suffer diabetes in your life time.

By eating fiber rich foods you reduce the chance of getting diabetes. The risk can increase if you increase intake of highly glycemic products; for example, processed items instead of whole grain. According to studies eating whole grains lowers the risk of developing diabetes.

Healthy Blood Sugar

To offset carbohydrates and sugars in your system you must consume plenty of fiber. Itís a great controller of blood sugar level. Eat grains, vegetables and fruits to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

I hope now you know the basics of diabetes.

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